7th Son: Book Two - Deceit (The Beta Version)

Reviews For 7th Son: Book Two - Deceit (The Beta Version)

What a boring story. Predicable at every turn and a lot of recycled ideas. I kept waiting for something interesting to happen and it never did. If I didn't have so far to drive on this trip, I would have never listened to all of it. I just kept thinking it was building to something. Never happened! A real boring read.
After finishing the first book i had to start this one as soon as possible. Non stop thrills along with some heart break. If you liked the first book it gets better with this one
You have done it again.
Book two was just as good as book one.
JC Hutchins makes me want to write. For me, that says it all about a writer.
The depths of JC's mind bring the fortunate a deeper glimpse into a hell we cannot imagine. Storytelling that will frighten till the color drains from the day and we see the world through the eyes of the soulless.
a definite must listen
Another great book in the 7th son series! I liked it even more than the first. The first one took me like 3 weeks to finish cause I only listened to like 1/2 an episode a day, but I finished this one in like a day cause I just couldn't stop listening! You should so listen to it.
Masterpiece! Too much yappin before and after the story. Loved the content, just put it in separate episodes.
Love the book as much as I did the first. But I hate the intros---they feel like commercials. So I only listen to this book on the computer so that I can fast forward. Really, really hate the intros.
Well you thought book one was pretty good, but this book takes it up a notch or two. Great action and suspense. This is very high quality audio fiction.
J.C. Hutchins does it again! You really will not be able to stop listening. A great great great story. Download now!
Very good story and well read.
If you want to loose your mind to some pictures in your head.... J.C. Will take you mind on a neat little trip, and you don't even have to leave your house or your car or the lane that you're driving in!. . HA! If you like a little sci-fi and some "edge of your seat" audio-reading, Comply. Download. And meet Kilroy 2.0 and his "brothers"... "I Comply!"
Despite a painfully slow first three chapters, cliched dialouge and a lack of editorial hand, th esecond book is much better than the first book. Once the storytelling gets out of it's rut in the first quarter it proves to be just as addictive as the first book. The podio book format allows you to move past the many "literary" issues much easier than if you had to stare at them on a written page. Good entertainment.
I cannot say enough good things about J.C. Hutchins portrayal of his world. It's suspenseful, dramatic and engaging. The characters draw you in, especially Kilroy 2.0, who must be witnessed to be believed. I am totally hooked!
I am a total junky for this podiobook. First the great celebrity intros and bumpers add so much and J.C.'s awesome vocal performance totally makes the characters come alive. I cannot wait to listen to each new chapter. The story is filled with great action, satisfying techno-intrigue, and interesting characters to keep me coming back for more.
I started listening to this trilogy at the very neginning of book one and have loved every minute of it since. JC is excellent at building storylines, backgrounds, and leaving you hanging every week. I guarantee you will mutter at least one expletive at the end of each podcast because of the suspensful buildup and the anticipation of next weeks episode. If you are new to the series, go back and listen to book one first. I also recommend you check out Scott Sigler and his podcasts if you like JC's work. Also check out the website and the stuff in second life that goes along with the podcast. It's pretty cool. Keep up the hard work JC!
Even if you're not a sci-fi person, you will like this. It's just good story-telling plain and simple. Very good characters with an original plot and excellent production.
J.C. Hutchins just gets better and better. Heart pounding nonstop action. I love this book! You gotta give it a listen.