Children of Rhatlan

Reviews For Children of Rhatlan

I couldn't finish this podcast if my life depended on it. I was able to get through the first 3 chapters but it was to painfull.
A great story take you to another world and "Children of Rhatlan" will do just that. I love the new twist of "Duals" two in one and only always one but always two! The recording has a slight reverb. The Author does well reading and creating different voices. The worst part is the lead music (HATE IT) to each chapter. Still it's a must read if you like fantasy. Keep smiling
Good book, I really enjoyed this audio podcast! ! I listened to it a work and the narrator does not take away from the story line
I really liked this story. The characters were interesting, and I loved the interaction between them. It's a really good read. The only drawback is when I got to the end. I felt like there should have been more. But besides that, it was fantastic!
This is great book! The magic and the duals are differant from anything I've ever read, making for a very good read! I love this author!
I loved the whole idea of the story. The characters were wonderful and the story is well written. The only down side I can think of is the reader messing up a few times in one of the later chapters. And that wasn't a big deal. Give this book a chance, you'll be happy you did! ^_^
This is a wonderful podcast, I wish there was more to go on and on. If I could I'd beg the author for a sequel.
I really like this story alot. It has action, suspence and is a nice story to cuddle up and relax.
I LOVED THIS BOOK!! I wished there was a sequel.
Please get someone else to read your books...
Childten of Rhatlan has a great storyline and will keep you listening up to the very end. I flat out loved this book, a must listen for any fantasy novel fan.
Great! I loved it. Needs nothing.... except maybe a sequel! -Keliara
This book is an amazing tale full of adventure, suspence, relationship troubles, and a new kind of magic different than any other book out there. If you love fantasy novels this is definatly for you and you will fall in love with this new form of magic involving the "duel" twins Garum and Vayin along with witches and wizards and a land full of terror of these people called "duels" and a mischevious God. You won't want to stop listening till the story is done. Also, good job on reading the book. Some authors or even the people hired to read it can make or break one of these recordings. Thanks for an awesome book and I'll be spreading the word!