Deep Thoughts

Reviews For Deep Thoughts

Remember Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy from Saturday Night Live? It was funny, right? Well this ain't it.
This was such a stupid podiobook! I hated it! I thought it would be funny but it wasn't! It was so annoying 'cause I had to keep my finger on the fast forward button most of the time 'cause of the one and a half minute of the episode only 20 seconds of was the actual podcast. The rest of it was "please donate, blah blah blah." This was terrible. Don't waste your time even though it's free.
i think this podcast would be happier in a section that didn't have full-length books. people come upon it looking for a free audiobook, but it would really make a fantastic "comedy" podcast. it shouldn't be overlooked because the downloads aren't 45 minutes long.
Its nice to see the podiobooks here on itunes and listed on the podcast home page but I have not been able to download any one of them