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I liked it a lot. I think Ms. Lafferty's writing is sometimes brilliant, and this podcast (and the sequel, "Heaven Season 2: Hell") demonstrate that.
The way the book jumps around makes it hard to follow. Pretty sophmoric in general never really climaxing to anything worthwhile. Bickering silly gods fighting like children is the plot from what i can tell
Tried to like this but had to switch off after the girl narrator disappeared and then story got considerably confusing and uninteresting.
Mur, you should at least read the Bible before making assumptions.
This is a fun romp through all sorts of different mythologies - Mur Lafferty keeps me laughing and I can't wait to get to season 2.
Late to her books but started with this one and am now hooked on the series. My only complaint would be that they could be longer but still a lot of story in a small package.
I love these podiobooks I heard a ad for this one on a diffrent book and boy was i happy I did it is a wonderful book.
I want to like it, but I can't. The two characters are supposed to be adults but come off like smarmy twelve year olds showing off their knowledge of mythology. The reader's young sounding voice (yes, i know she is older, but her voice comes off as if she is in high school) doesn't help matters, and makes for some very incongruous moments. Production quality is good, nothing fancy.
I'm an audiobook addict. Podcastle has been a favorite of mine for years and is how I found out about Mur Lafferty. I was super excited to see what this book had to offer , and we not disappointed. I just finished this book and am onto the second. I highly recommend this book! I would be more specific but I tend to accidentally ruin endings and plots so I am going to just stay away. :0) Thank you so much Mur!!!
I don't even know how I stumbled upon this, but once I started there was no stopping I got though all five books in 2 days. There's may feel like a slow start but trust me your in for quite a treat!
I was nervous at first because of bad reviews but I really liked it. You get to know other religions and their religions. Also the plot starts to thicken towards the end. It is geared more towards teens but overall, its worth downloading. 4 stars only becaus murr kept tripping up towards the middle.
I loved this!
This story is a slanderous attack upon my religion's theological underpinnings. ...but her zombie podiobook is great, 4 stars for that one, check it out.


By ...flea
This is a great series and is definitely worth it
Totally couldn't see what the people who rated this book are raving about. I just couldn't get into it. Just not my style I guess. Form your own opinion, but don't say you weren't warned.
Mur - just wanted to encourage you to keep up the great work. Your recent "I should be writing" piece about a points/badges concept to use to reward aspiring writers nailed it - at least from an incentives perspective. So I'm writing this review in hopes that I can help send you a badge and quell the trolls who roam the heaven/hell/wasteland that is the podioverse... The writing displayed in this pentalogy had some amazing highs (wonderful alternative worlds, interesting relationships, cool/quirky gods) and occasional slow spots/funny transitions (wish you'd developed Daniel's role in hell a bit more for example). I want to commend you for the effort and thank you for the result - the highs and lows contribute to a great piece of escape/adventure fiction. Moreover, they display your tenaciousness and the breadth of your imagination. The series reminds me, in a very positive way, world I found and immersed myself in for days/weeks when I first read Piers Anthony's "Incarnations of Immortality" series. Please keep up the amazing work - you're absolutely right. Work is about learning and based on what I heard in the books, and what I heard from you towards the end of the series, you probably learned a ton in writing this. Best regards, Elijah
More fantasy than science fiction. Very inventive concepts, combined with a very easy to listen to and follow, story line. The entire Heaven series maintains this excellence. I highly reccomend. I only wish it could keep going. Thanks Mur.
I listened to the Takeover by Lafferty first and enjoyed it so I decided to try Heaven. It's alright. A little juvenile, and she slips up quite often while reading (that's what editing is for!). The male voice actor sounds way too old for a 20-something guy. Too many times we are left hanging on the plot and then suddenly we're thrust into a new plot with no explanation. If the writing was a little better and the reading was a little better I'd like it more because the concept is interesting.


By RWB4455
A little to hoke'-poke' for me. Are they written by a teenager? Oh well someone must like them for there to be so many of them. I guess the would be good for young teenagers.
I dont know why everybody likes this small book. Its like a twelve year old had written it.


By Jweich
I love Mur's voice and I have just relistend to the entire podcast series, WE NEED ANOTHER FIX , I mean story, yes (twitch, twitch)
Have Downloaded whole series love it
This woman has the most annoying voice. It was painful to listen to and the story itself doesnt make it worth it. Don't waste your time, it's junk.
This was my first full download podcast audiobook. It was a great listening experience--and I'm about to start Season 2
Mur's novel Heaven is amazing and there is nothing out there like it today.Once you listen too Heaven you will want to listen to the rest and find her other work. There is nothing like this book or writer today
I'm at book four now and I've enjoyed every minute of this story. It crosses the line in some places but keeps itself very neutral and on pace for the most part. Remember it is fiction not theology and you'll have a great time. I"m waiting for the next book!!!
I liked the story (at least enough to keep me interested) until, without warning, the story changed to another characters point of view and the main character was suddenly out of the story. This change also replaced the pleasant female reader to a male reader. It seemed to me as if Mur got half way through the story and couldn't finish so some guy picked it up and wrote the rest. Even if Mur would have read the second half as well, I didn’t care for the plot in the second half of the story. I won't get any further seasons.


By rick288
Great only if you are using this book to try to get to sleep as it puts me to sleep every time I listen to it. Unfortunately I like to listen to podeo books while I drive. Horrible plot and not a single character worth caring about. Don’t waist your time. ‘
This is sophomoric typing, not writing.
I stumbled upon this and i love it. The story is so awesome and creative. I cant wait much longer for season 4.


By njnsong
I just love mur's voice and the story is very creative. there were a few slip ups in the audio production and reading but i think she got better as she went along
Since I'm constantly moving and have a hard time sitting still, I never did understand nor get into audiobooks. Until now... My husband bought me an IPOD & the Sergeant on my shift is a big fan of audio books. And curiosity got the best of me. This is my FIRST audiobook. And I can't stop listening to it. I LOVE it. Perfectly written & perfectly told. Now I have something to listen to while I wait for someone to commit a crime.
Quirky, enjoyable story read by the author. Her voice is wonderful, relaxing and the story is addictive. I am downloading seasons 2 and 3!
A well composed story and a fun trip into possible Heavens.
Heaven is a thoroughly enjoyable story about the afterlife. Or many afterlives. Mur Lafferty is a fantastic storyteller with wit and heart, and a great reading style. Definitely a must for your ipod!
The best podiobook I've listened to so far. It's fun, gripping and very imaginative--and laced with a gentle wisdom.
This podcast is awesome! You should listen to it. I would listen to it if I were you. I did listen to it and look at me now. What's that? You can't see me? Well, I'm happy as a clown.


By 2 Twins
i listened to the first book and it was great but i cant figure out where i can get the next one. if anyone knows please let me know ill check this review so if u have any info just type it in here thanks
This is the first podiobook I choose to download. Boy I am glad I did. I am able to get lost in Daniel & Kate's world. If this one is any indication of how the others are going to be then I'm hooked. I have already recommended it to several friends.
Very interesting premise. I would enjoy this as a tv show. Season 2 "Hell" is great too!
Listening to Heaven is like taking a road trip into the great beyond with a best friend. When Kate and Daniel die, they barely squeeze into the pearly gates. Once they're in paradise, however, heaven leaves them discontent and longing for something else, so the Almighty agrees to let them wander through all the heavens, both mythic and religious, where they gods and godesses, heroes and heroines, and legends. But with Ragnarok threatening to come down on their heads, Kate and Daniel soon realize even the afterlife isn't all it's cracked up to be. Mur Lafferty's wonderful story is punctuated with humor, chills, and beauty and comes across as unbelievably heartfelt. Heaven reminds me a little of American Gods. It's a fun, exciting listen for anyone who loves myths and wonders about what's in store for us after this life.