The Plitone Revisionist

Reviews For The Plitone Revisionist

Well worth the download. Excellent reading and story. Please give it a listen. I wish Paul would do more.
This is a very well done podcast. Great story with fantastic characters and good production.
I listen to various podcasts every day, all day. Some have been pretty good and entertaining. The Plitone Revisionist has to be my absolute favorite. I didn't want it to end and was disappointed when I reached the last chapter. I am a science fiction fan, but this was overall a well-written story, the way he used music only during chapter section changes and at the beginning and end was very well done, and the way he read the story was perfect. So many times it's the author's reading that detracts from an otherwise good podcast. Not so in this case. Paul Jenkins is a very good reader, without the usual annoying idiosyncrasies that plague other podcasts. If I were him, I'd hire myself out to other podcast authors. All in all an excellent story and an excellent production. Can't wait until his next podcast! Hurry up Mr. Jenkins!
After seeing the title of this book, I passed it by a number of times. Something about the title seemed a little misleading. But, I decided to download a couple of episodes and give it a try. I was totally hooked by the story right from the beginning. The sound is excellent and consistent and the story is very well told. Great entertainment...Really glad I listened!
What a really great story. Very well read. Very well written. Sci fi fans won't be dissapointed with the action or technical garble. Hope to see something else from Paul soon.
Another great podcast that is most definitely worth listening too. For the two weeks or so it took me to plow through this podcast it always gave me something to look forward too when it came time to heading off to bed. Fascinating ideas technology are scattered all throughout this story, I would highly recomend this to any fans of sci-fi. I just hope Paul is busy writing a new sci-fi to keep us entertained with =)
Great book, definetly worth listening!