The Tenth Cow

Reviews For The Tenth Cow

I was a little wary because the narrator does have a "different" voice, but I was very glad I stuck with it. It's got a little bit of everything, romance, action, comedy, sports, politics, religion and a lesson in kosher wine making all mixed in with a lot of truth. Absolutely one of the best stories out there.
the book seemed interesting, but i could not stand the narrators voice. the theme music was annoying too, and you have to hear it at the beginning of EVERY chapter. sometimes a narrator ruins a book. this is one of those times
This was a really unique action story. The story seemed to be very well researched to create a great blend of fact and fiction. The production of the story was first rate including a nice collection of clear understandable voices, good use of music and sound to set the mood. But these things need a good story, and Mr. Schefrin created a terrific story.
There are many concepts, historical, and biblical references here that I'm not familiar with. Yet, I understood enough to follow the story and I enjoyed it immensely. Schefrin's writing and performance pull you right into each scene as if you're sitting there among the characters. Completely unique and enjoyable.
The book has a great play on the many aspects of the Middle-East conflict and the three sides of the problem...Jew, Moslem and Christian. The story weaves a great tale and it seems to has a great deal of factual material and custom in the novel, which is accurate. The only down side to it was parts where the vulgarity was beyond my taste and desire. However, that aside, the novel is well done and is interesting to hear. I found myself hearing the entire novel in two days. It is riveting, at times.