Dragon Radio 龍的廣播電台

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I've been an avid listener for the past 4 years. Tony Reno does a great job finding great music from Asia. Dragon Radio is more than just another rock 'n' roll podcast, it's about promoting cross-cultural understanding via rock 'n' roll (and other styles of music as well). Should be required listening for all social studies classes. I personally appreciate his "No English Lyrics" policy, it makes the listening experience more authentic; it has also also aided me in my Chinese and Japanese language studies. To me this is real "world music", not the watered down Putumayo cheese you get with your latte at Starbuck$. Dragon Radio has and continues to educate my eardrums, exposing me to awesome bands such as Second Hand Rose, Cambodian Space Project, and Buddhist Holiday. Dragon Radio rocks! Tony Reno rocks! Highly recommended. Check it out.
This podcast is a great way to get introduced to bands you have not heard of from around the Asia region. Get a dose of music that is not in English once and a while.


i love your music. it is the best.
Tony does a great job of finding great new music from bands across Asia. Even better for those of us in or travelling through Asia, he keeps tracks of local concerts and music events. To borrow a phrase, it is: "Turn on, tune in, and drop by" for the best of the Asian music scene. Keep it up Tony!
I think Dragon Radio/Tony Reno does a great(and important) job in exposing young musicians from Asia...also has very interesting interviews- I highly recommend this podcast.
This is a great podcast. Thanks!