Guided Meditations Video Podcast

Reviews For Guided Meditations Video Podcast

No matter how crazy my day is, these podcasts stop me in my tracks and make me focus on the now. These podcasts are my absolute favorite and so appreciated. Soothing,invigorating,peaceful. Thanks so much
If you have the ability to have these in a stressful place, just stop a moment and watch and listen. It may be all you need to change your day, and best case, your life. A great way to spend a few minutes.
I downloaded these and found them very helpful especialy on my lunch breaks. The music, words and voice are so sothing and transformational. A million thank you's for doing such a great job. I hope there will be more to follow. Namaste
These are the most beautiful images. The guided meditation may be wonderful but it is difficult to focus with the music that seems to overpower everything. Silence or ocean waves would have been far better. Still worth looking, it may not be like that for everyone else.