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This podcast has gotten me through many a tough workouts and an just as many rough days . Effervescent & buoyant, 5ive not only brings us , his mastery the wheels of steel , but also an encyclopedic knowledge of the house music discography ,that can only be a result of a misspent youth in the mega clubs of NYC,circa 1990s. His deep mental library of music ,old & new ,helps his beats transcend ,from just being "gay house music". Sprinkled with equal amounts of gospel sass and pop princess kitsch, is what makes his sets, the perfect battle cry to any soul that cycles , or any cycle that spins . Fist pumps up ! Way up !
Some of the best mixes on podcast. This years pride mixes took me there! Keep working the dance floor!!! 🙀👬👭
Am a big fan tho have to admit I was not entirely enthusiastic of the beats this trend setter had busted out with the latter half of 2012. Needless to say glad to hear 5's decided to return to the roots of house basics & fundamentals - guess it goes to show his audience the cycles of beats cuz am certain even pros like this one get tired of the monotony associated with the responsibility he carries. What I want to know is when does he ever take a MF holiday and if he does what does he do? It's transparent he's a legend cuz the fool know you can rest when ur dead! Thanx 5 for keeping the faith alive.
DJ 5ive peels, chops, dices, and shreds the beats as he swaps between vinyl and digital, giving us a veritable narrative with each podcast. The music carries you away as it carries a message or tells a tale. Looking back,I can feel the heavy loss in the air as well as the smiling gratitude we felt at their gifts when listening to June 2009 6 - that crazy week at the end of Gay Pride month when Farrah and Michael Jackson passed away. Each of DJ 5ive's podcasts will take you on a journey and leave you smiling. And you should taste his fried chicken! DAMN!!!
That's how these p'casts have been leaving me since being turned onto them within the past week. Start at 5ive Needs Change 2008. A great overview of what you'll dive into deeper in each of the other casts. The Drama SWITCHES between songs would be difficult for any songmaster - and 5ive does it impecibly for each song transition. I dare any of you to just TRY and not give a little shoulder shake while listening. Refreshing talent. Thanks for sharing!
Man, 5ive's Sagitarious is RIDICULOUS...its been playing non-stop on my iPod. The Baboo podcasts were amazing as well...keep it up!