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Big fan of this podcast. Each show has actionable answers that include practical info as well as enough technical details to keep it worth listening to over the years. Lots of little facts that I enjoy knowing. Thank you.


This podcast is ok. It is quite short however, especially with the intro, mid-show plug, and end credits. If it were longer and therefore, provided more information it would be better. 'Dino' also talks too fast and his constant use of OK as a filler is distracting.
I am in Texas, but have already gained valuable insight to several problems I have had. I ALWAYS ALWAYS appreciate good information given in an entertaining manner. Thanks,
This guy is cocky, and talks too fast.
I don't agree with some of bad reviews. I enjoy the show. It always good to learn new answers to similar problems all gardeners have. I find the dean quirky and entertaining. I hope they keep it up!
Downloaded the last couple of years of podcasts and thought they were great at first because of the information. But after listening to a couple dozen episodes I started getting very annoyed by his derisive comments towards his "sidekick"/producer Laura Kennedy and his overly flamboyant style of talking. He has a holier-than-thou attitude and acts like most of what he is telling you is common sense that you could have figured out if you weren't so dense. One of his favorite lines is "anyone can do this, even you Laura" but instead of this coming across as encouraging it sounds more like "if you can't do this you are really stupid like Laura". Even his introductions by Laura make it sound like he is a king taking time out of his busy day to come talk with the commoners. I would hate to be one of his students if this is how he treats them.
Laura comes in with the straight questions and Don delivers with the knowledge. It is refreshing to hear a show about plant care that doesn't take it too seriously. Unlike Martha Stewart, Don's approach is more personable and practical. From solving bug issues to specific plant problems, the information dispensed by the Dean of Green is valuable for all gardeners. Give the show a listen and just for yourself. Since the show follows a question/answer format, its great to hear problems others have had in the garden. Thanks for doing this and keep it up. Real science, real people, totally entertaining.