Generation Ministries

Reviews For Generation Ministries

This podcast is one of the most relevant audios on the web - provides such a clear and pure message that those listening can't help but be amazed; Amazed to the extent of awe inspiring, awe inspiring to the extent of enlightenment, and enlightenment to the extent of an awakenment. Such power rests between these anointed leaders of God that one feels what they feel. It is a rare gift to understand a complex idea, but to understand it and make it tangible to the average someone . . .
Generation Ministries is a great ministry with passionate and talented servants, dedicated to equipping others with a knowledge of The One True God, His saving grace, and how to live as an immitator of Jesus Christ.
Generation Ministries is True to the Word of God - convicting, challenging, inspiring, encouraging... God has used this ministry to radically transform my life into a clearer reflection of the glory of Jesus Christ Himself - The One and Only Living, Speaking, Loving God!!


It's awesome that we have podcast for GM now!!! Whoohoo!!!!