Reviews For EX-CAST

I’m so thankful for this ministry. It has changed my life and my families life! We are better because of it.
I have been following Pastor G. Craig for years he speaks truth against this hip hop he breaks down religion the truth of the word and he helps you learn how a true Pastor conducts his home and church. Thank you Pastor for standing firm and blessing us with understanding the times. Jesus Christ is the only way! Amen
If you want to hear the truth this is the place to be.
I am 41 years old and I was never taught creation rolls growing up. Since I was introduced to this message and the messenger, my life has changed drastically for the better. I’m learning how to put myself and my family in order. It hasn’t been easy, but God’s grace is sustaining me. So for all the haters of this truth, the Bible says it best, ”...Fools despise wisdom and instruction.” (Prov 1:7)
I do not attend that church but have been listening all the way from CA for years!! Let the lord continue to use you. ❤️
2 years ago...when I first began coming to Christ...I asked God to show me a pastor doing it the right way...it wasn't long before I was led to G Craig. I used to be a big fan of hip hop but always felt something dark about it. The lyrics...but after seeing what Jesus says...and comparing it to those lyrics...man...talk about an eye opener. I'm glad G Craig points people to Jesus Christ...other pastors just want worldly gains for a watered down distorted sermon.
Thank you for being bold and saying what needs to be said not what people WANT to be said . Sometimes the truth hurts but I want it to hurt so I know what I need to fix !!!! Thank you pastors in exministries may The Lord Jesus bless you tremendously !
I love this Brotha. Being an artist my self, I was never fond of calling myself a Hip Hopper. Thank God I didn't , and now I see exactly why I wasn't successful yet in the beginning of my music career , I was headed down a path that would have gotten me in a deep hole. I preach this message everywhere, even when they don't want hear it. God Bless You for the inspiration Brotha!
Thank you Lord Jesus for your servant whom it has pleased you to use in these last days continue to use him and bless him his family and everything that he touches you may bless Lord thank you for allowing me to come across his teachings they have inspired me to share his teachings with others in hopes that we may reach as many lives as possible for the Kingdom of God that through him your blood can wash us and remove everything that has separated us from our first love thank you Jesus Amen.
Rev. G. Craig Lewis is a voice in the wildness. I just discovered him through a link and what a delight. He speaks truth! I just wish there were more preachers brave enough to share God's Word without compromise. This is what people are looking for - the unadulterated Word. Unfortunately, this type voice is drowned by watered-down mess, rhetoric disguised as gospel. Keep sharing Rev. Lewis. It may be rough but keep sharing. We need you!
It's not possible to argue against the truth. Love this.
Minister Lewis is powerful man of God. This podcast is very informative unlike many leaders today G.Craig tells you the truth!! At first I thought he was name calling but I was wrong. He is not afraid to tell the truth and I'm thankful we still have very strong and anointed leaders like him.
The truth will set you free!
I am truly blessed to be able to listen to G Craige Lewis. I am glad Jesus has worked through him and still is, to enlighten people on what is really going on. He gives the word to u like the bible says it, not like man wants to hear it. I receive the Ex Ministries newsletter and it is truly a word from God. He is not a money preaching Pastor. He is a man of God and he let's Jesus exalt him. Which is the best way, Not man cause man will let you down. Please keep telling the truth right from the bible. No matter what the world say, u r getting the word out and people r listening. I'm praying in the name of Jesus that people will get with Jesus instead of chasing fame and money. Thanks G. Craig Lewis!
and I am SO grateful for his ministry. He is truly an unabashed man of God and his ministry is FULL of biblical truth. It takes a LOT of courage to stand on the truth as he does, with so much opposition coming from so-called Christians, as he does. There is no doubt in my mind that he is called of God and I will continue to support his ministry as long as he continues in God's unchanging truth! As he says, "I'm not perfect, but the Gospel I preach is". Hallelujah!


By Girl590
Great pod cast but i'm sad that rock means fornication. Because i really like Rock music.I thought P.O.D. Were Christian . Can anyone find out if the band Skillet are really Christians! Please they r my favorite band.


By SavTel
Awesome and right on time. The Lord gave me a word about trashing all of my secular music and this ministry was the follow up to that word. I am 23 and was 19 when I started following this ministry. I didn't believe it at first but I am now a strong supporter of the truth! It's as simple as this: Jesus is coming back whether we act like it or not. We can live half saved if we want and defend music because the beats are good etc. But we are not the final authority. This man cares about Jesus opinion. If you do, you'll like it. If you would rather use the worlds methods to draw crowds to church events etc then this is not for you. But neither is Christianity.
If you are offended by Pastor G. Craige Lewis you need to examine your own life he only speaks from a biblical perspective. These podcasts are awesome....period!
He speaks the truth raw like it should be!! He dares to speak about topics that no one in the Body of Christ dares to! I really look up to this man!! G. Craig Lewis, please continue to allow God to use you! Because of you many won't have the excuse when they get before God that nobody told them the truth about the music that's been influencing this generation! Thank you for trusting God!! God bless you always!!
God has truely blessed this man of God! The words that proceed out his mouth is tested and true by God's own word. For people that like to read and apply God's word, this man is the real deal( NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!). Keep giving us what God is giving you. The word of God is suppose to offend. If it doesn't, something is wronge. It offended me enough to want to change my ways. It hurts but it helps. No pain no gain. Jesus offended people and look what happened. That's the true mark of the man of God. Some folks won't readily recieve us. Are you a scribe or a true believer! To God be all the glory & may he continue to bless you!
This is my first time listening to Mr. Lewis and Im a fan of Christian Hip Hop and Im offended how he down plays the effectiveness of the ministry. Im 24 years old and I understand the cultural gap that exisit within the church and I have witnessed youth coming to understand Christ through the medium of Christian HipHop music. Christ can redeem anything and say that Christ can't or won't redeem the blinded secular hip hop culture is say He isn't God. I admit there are some non Christ-centered so-called Christian hiphop but you can say that about any gospel artist because there is not accountability. Just like false preachers with this mega churches giving the wrong gospel... Im a fan of Reach, Lampmode and Cross Movement...and when they stop preaching the Gospel then stand up and say something...
It is refreshing to finally hear some truth about God and living for Him. I thought I was going crazy, but I guess there are still some real people of God out there. God bless EX Ministries.
G.Craige is a man of God who believes in the true Holiness of Jesus Christ. No watered down Christianity here, he explains and exposes us to what we are blind to; especially when it comes down to the Church of God. Open your hearts to hear what God has to say through our fellow brother in Christ G. Craige Lewis.
Don't waste your time here, this guy gives christians a bad name.