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To many assertions made with no reasons. "We know this now" who is we and how do we know it? Not a good science based podcast.
Good topics and always interesting- keep them coming
Searching through drivel and ego-centric trite I stumbled upon this jewel. Few will know it, most will react with vile and passionate, spittle-filled screams of protest (see above and below). To those who stand quietly, observing, critcally thinking about what others profess to be true, give this a listen. You may discover a link to like-minds...most won't...will you? PS -- you who think economics is more complicated than the human body make me smile. You know so little, yell so much, and claim to hold the truth. You amuse me.
I like alternate views, I also like to hear anything that challenges the established or the establishment; however, they must present the concept with logic & truth (fact). This is clearly a religious podcast, if cult is considered a negative connotation. The title is attractive but why deception? Why is it not categorised as a religious podcast? Conspiracy theories are viewed with scepticism; but this goes far beyond logic & emperical evidence. I hope it does not harm the vulnerable.
The world in NOT on the brink of an economic collapse. Following Natures Laws is not better than following our laws. Society and Capitalism are not "Bacterias" or "Cancers" that are destroying our planet. Economics and the Global Economy are far more complicated than the Human Body so the analogy doesn't work. Cooperation is vital to human survival; but that doesn't mean competition is not. If all the automakers got together and agreed to design one simple car that we would all be forced to buy, then we would have a tyranny (can you imagine what that would cost us!) Just because some countries can't agree on the details of a climate control issue doesn't mean the countrys have rejected the earth over profits. This podcast is Marxism.
Deleteriously fallacious and ostentatious. It sounds cutting-edge and splendid at first listen. All I recommend is to think critically about the support behind their claims.
Listen for yourself. These words and concepts are health food for our troubled times. With so many spin doctors out there, in every arena of society, I find logical truths in every one of these episodes. Our entire society is broken and it is good to finally hear an honest voice cutting through the noise. This podcast actually offers proven loving solutions to the sicknesses of our world. Others only complain about the way things are and only throw blame at others. It is time for me to take responsibility for my own actions. If you like complainers who only want to get a laugh or just want to further their own career, then this is not for you. It's time to throw away the dogma of society and WAKE UP WORLD! Truth is a monster that is soon coming for us all. The sweetest monster I've ever known.
For those of you who haven't listened to any of the podcasts and are basing your decision whether or not to listen, on some of the negative reviews that have been posted, please keep an open mind and heart and don't be put off by the hateful negative responses/reviews that are offered by some. Listen and then judge for yourself and remember, it is possible to express your opinion, and show off your intellect even if you disagree with someone, without spewing hatred and ugliness.
Setting the record straight Guys, are we listening to the same podcast here? You may not agree with everything in this podcast but this is great stuff. Quackery? Cult leader? I think not! I did my research and could find nothing of the kind. I have a copy of Dr, Keppe’s book The Origin of Illness. It’s a book about Envy and how we can overcome unconscious acts of self sabotage. The book was tremendously helpful, and I was pleased to find this podcast so I could find out more about Dr, Keppe’s work. Keppe has a serious pedigree stretching back to his training in Vienna under Viktor Frankel, several PHd’s and over 40 books in print (although Origin of Illness is the only one available in mass distribution in the US). I believe he also hosts a couple of weekly TV shows which are translated and broadcast worldwide. Some of these comments are so slanderous and unfair I have to question whether they are for real or from a disgruntled and paranoid former patient of Keppe’s clinic. .These podcasts are beautifully produced. Open minded people will appreciate how they get you thinking and leave you uplifted. Congratulations to Rich Jones for having the guts to take on so many sacred cows. Give it a try and see what you think.
I googled, "richard lloyd jones" and "norberto neppe", apparently Mr. Keppe runs a snake oil cult outfit promoting . The website is great fun if your interested in a case study in how quaks coopt the cultural authority of established institutions to appear legitimate. In this case, they steal from Victor Frankl, psychoanalysis and catholic iconography. The entire affair reeks of quakery.


Positive that neaderthals live amongst us. This guy needs to think with someone else's head because he has none of his own.
Don't download it your ipod will thank you.
I listened to several of these podcasts and halfway through all them I had to delete it because it is spouting absolutely specious arguments. I am a philosophy student and either this guy hasn't taken any or is seriously deranged. he starts all his arguments from false assumptions and illogically moves on to perverted ends. this podcast is intellectual trash. dont listen
Where do I start? Pseudo-philosophical nonsense, wrapped in manipulative religiocentric horse dung. Avoid this. There's enough negativity in the world. Why let this podcast stain your psyche?
It is nice to hear an opinion that dissents from the other heads...the talking ones on TV that is. Insightful, logical, cutting edge, and not for Christian haters.
Please listen with your own head and be careful of what your mind absorbs from the internet.
These podcasts are hilarious! The authors are absolutely convinced of their absolute correctness, and that the folly of such fools as Darwin and Einstein is to be heeded, but pitied for their complicated, but utterly misguided notions, when it can all be explained so simply and easily. None of these so-called scientific theories need not, and can not be so complex as they are made to appear. Juxtapose the podcast from Thinking With Somebody Else’s Head “What the Bleep was that all about?” with the “Brain Food” podcast #10 – “Quantum Mechanics Special! Schrödinger’s Cat and the Copenhagen Interpretation, Quantum Entanglement, Quantum Computing.” These two podcasts are the antithesis of each other, even though they are discussing the same topic. But, only Schrödinger’s Cat got “Bleeped,” and only after the box was opened. On the other hand, the two podcasts explaining away AIDs reminded me of the people who make the argument that the holocaust never occurred, using the same simplistic arguments as they do in their other podcasts. Finally, they are giving “metaphysics” a bad name, because it is not metaphysics. In these episodes of Thinking with Someone Else’s Head, metaphysics is used to explain away the difficult details of science. But their use of “metaphysics” does not seem to be a genuine representation. I’m looking forward to listening to their future podcasts to see of their true intentions are revealed. Welcome to the Dark Ages.