Missionary Talks

Reviews For Missionary Talks

This is an excellent podcast about Missionaries and their work around the world. It is encouraging to hear about the great work people are doing and to also hear about their "human-ness"
Interesting, entertaining, and educational. The missionaries give great insights into culture, etc. that you just can't get anywhere else. One thing I'd love to eventually see: interactivity through one of the streaming audio sites. It would be cool to text questions in to the missionaries during the discussions.
I found this to be a highly enlightening podcast, and not just spiritually. From a cultural perspective it is an intriguing look under the hood of what makes Missionary life so challenging and rewarding for those living it. Highly recommended!
You won't be disappointed to hear people who are extrememly passionate about what they do talk about their journey to where (in the world) they are. The podcasts are an excellent length to consume the whole interview and David explains common vernacular used among missionaries. David ask poignant questions and doesn't disappoint on content. Whether you are called to be a missionary, think you are or just interested, Missionary Talks is a wonderful podcast to learn about this fruitful endeavour.
I liked the PodCast, but the episode I heard, the host sounded as if he was talking a little fast. However, it was short, sweet, and to the point. No fluff, just the info that was wanted.
A very pleasant and uplifting look at missionary work. Theses are voices and stories that need to be heard. Keep up the fine work, Mr. Peach.
I must say, that this podcast really is a great find. I am very interested in missions myself. I really enjoy the podcast that Mr.Peach has created. And very much look forward to more. Excellent job Mr. Peach!