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I’m think I’m younger but I know way more then these dummy’s. I stoped listening it when it reached 10 seconds
First of all naruto is the best manga and it is better then you could ever do you sound like you watched 1 episode and acted like a show off / know it all so stop afending our tv show we love naruto
This is like Naruto chat and I can't believe that they would actually talk about Naruto and then it makes it sound like they only heard it once and watched one episode....... I'm a girl and I almost finished with the series. 😡😢 Tip: Make it interesting for girls who watch as well!!! Talk about who seems better in the show and ask for a poll. Headstart: I love Ino 😙
He called a show he was doing a podcast werid fail one star now I know why he hasn't made another one cuase this one sucked


I agree with ***Troy. I stopped watching it as soon as he said "it's a weird show." I love naruto and it is the only show Ever watch. To even call it weird is beyond me.......
Yea I agree wit the zac kid it was prob his first time and he did make some mistakes but that's no reason to make fun of him I've bn wachin naruto and naruto shuppuden for years now and he got close on some things he said
First things first, WoW, that was something i wasn't expecting. I've seen alot of anime too many to list right know, but your podcast need a little, who am i kidding, it needs alot of work. You need to speak a little more slowly and maybe each time play random anime songs and at the end of the podcast ask people to list what it was if they knew. Also maybe you should try looking at other examples of naruto talks to get a better idea of what you're doing. Now if i were you i would play a random anime song, once it goes off i would talk about the naruto news, then after that i would ask them to send question that they don't know about naruto to an email address( if you have one, i'm sure you do) then answer the one you know. Lastly, for suggetions i would suggest for you to speak clearly and slowly. Keep a nice friendly voice and procounce all the names of the naruto characters correctly. Also you should, before you do the podcast, to look up info even if you already know it, about that particular naruto episode.


By nrtw
... Well, for starters, you should refer to Sakura as "Sakura-chan," not "Sakura-kun." The honorific "-kun" is almost exclusively for boys. You can use "-chan" for girls or anything anything cute- animals are often refered to with "-chan."
Ok first off... You need a better microphone and maybe some public speaking classes. You guys also need to actually READ naruto so you know the first thing about it. You also need to work on the japanese endings. -kun. Such as sasuke-kun and naruto-kun. -kun is an ending referring to YOUNG BOYS. so sakura-kun is not correct. pronounced KOON (oo like the sound in fOOt) -chan. The feminine version of -kun meaning it is used to refer to young girls. so rather than sakura-kun you would address her sakura-chan. -sensei this one was used correctly good job! -San. Middle level of respect. Normally used to address someone of equal of higher status to you (such as an adult or someone older than you) -sama. One of the highest forms of respect. Almost literally meaning "lord" or "lady" you would use it in instances such as: hokage-sama, Tsunade-sama,etc. Used to address very important people -senpai. Upperclassman you need alot of work and WAY more knowledge about naruto which I will have you know is NOT WEIRD!!!!! (this goes to show that you should watch what you say before you publish something on the Internet.. How many ppl are mad at you now??..) Anyway... Good luck. And alot of it
Im a big Naruto fan and this podcast sounds like it was just some kids who berely know anything about naruto. They even pronounced the characters name wrong. I dont think it will be very appealing to other naruto fans out there.


we have to go help them! lol it sounded like they were being interrigated because of him st-st-st-studdering s-s-so
Kinda suckish you guys get your fact straight
i thought it would be good, but all you talked about was someone elses show. nothing about Naruto it's self. it was so bad that you never even said that the show was named after the main charter NARUTO. nice try.... no, bad try. did you even listen to what you were saying. let me put it this way DON'T DO IT EVER AGAIN. HONESTLY....
I didn't listen for more than 20 seconds. In the US, you don't use -kun or -senpai after names. Thats only relative in the Japanese culture.


Ill give you props for trying but in the end you fail. Its hallarious. I look at the reviews and all I can do is just laugh. Get a better mic and learn how to analyze things. Ill give you two stars because probably nobody else did.
Sorry guys. You could do alot better. I'm not going to repeat what everyone before me said. To those who reviewed before me. Give the kids a break, okay. Not everybody wants to cheat Masashi Kishimoto out of well earned money by watching the Shippuden or reading the manga on the internet because they can't get off they're lazy butts, go to Wal-Mart, and buy the volumes on dvd. Just saying...


By Kasuki
god... u guys so killed it, it's not even funny... do u mess up something like that, dattebayo!? srrsly... someoen else plz do a podcast of this, even i could do one, it would be so much more interesting... you have enraged me! that's hard to do >.< tch... i know so much about naruto, it's sad sometimes... i even have headbands, a wristband, and the akatsuki ring Deidara himself wears (he's a guy darn you) i've also got deidara's headband, manga, figures, evcerything man... i even eat ramen sometimes... well... a lot... but god...


By inchigo
at lease it is free
Keep On Goin!!!
you should talk about important things like jiraiya gettin killed by pain and sasuke killing itachi in chp 404 and whether or not pain will kill kakashi in chp 424. you kid probably watch it on cartoon network and are on episode 200 when real fans are on ep 84 of naruto shippuden
horrible. just a bunch of children who don't understand anything about the show and don't even know how to pronounce the names right.
Sorry guys, but I'm going to have to bash this one. the kid keeps stuttering, isn't up to date with the show, and the podcast is just plain boring!
They know nothing of Naruto it sounds as if they wrote down a bunch of Naruto randomness and recorded it.
I'm sorry, but it honestly sounds like you guys have no idea what the show is about. As a matter of fact, to me, it sounds like you just watched the first two episodes.
That was way past insulting, no offense. For one, Naruto is NOT weird; it's the best thing going right now! Two: I'm a teenaged girl (13) and have been watching and reading for a year or two, so this was kind of a let down. Yeah, you sound around 11 or 12 (maybe younger, maybe older), but there are people around that age who know the show like the back of their hands. Sorry, but you need to pull out those text books and start studying if ya wanna catch up and sound like you know what you're talking about.
I really have to give them credit for giving it a shot but next time might want to watch a little more than 10 minutes of an episode and then talk about it.
you have killed children with your podcast.
This podcast is a waist of time. It seems like it was made by two 8 year olds who only watched the first episode, paid no attention to it and made a podcast about it. They had so much incorrect things on this podcast that I almost went mentally crazy. The price for this podcast is FREE, but thats way to much $. Don't listen to this podcast it will make your ears bleed. Like Naruto would say ''Beleive It!''
I'm not much of a Narutard myself, but wow... Besides, you should be talking about Gaara-sama. He is an awesome Jinchurike. {Sorry for misspells.}
It it really sad hearing this. I absolutly love the show but this podcast is really bad. SORRY little people. T_T
Honestly, is this a 10 year old kid speaking? He stutters, doesn't have his facts straight, and pauses. Is there any mistakes this kid hasn't made when making this podcast? It's a discrace to what he calls the 'weird' show Naruto, which is unique, the speaker should've said the show has a unique plot, or the writers are very imaginative and creative. Ugh...just plain HORRIBLE. Sorry, but it's the truth. I could probably do a better job...ugh....
Yeah, I know more then these kids about Naruto then these kids and I'm only 11. And it's not Naruto-Kuh-n
surely doesn't know anything about naruto. I love that show and wish people would watch more than one episode and then try to share their thoughts. They know nothing about this show what-so-ever and seriously, kids if you are reading this one then just watch more than one episode. You guys nothing about the show. Click yes if you agree with me.
can some1 tell me a podcast that has real episodes? sakura-chan get your endings right....i almost wanna cry now...


this is bad they dont know anything about the show and the dont know how to say the names of some of the people.
I say they need to understand that they can't copy the voices of the actors.I don't even understand what they are saying.
sucked monkey balls/ No offense
This podcast is one of the lesser ones on I tunes and people will agree that you guys have never watched no more than 3 episodes Naruto is one of the better anime that I have watched and you guys just basicly ruined it this podcast doesn't even deserve one star so never again this was a horrible job I actually felt my brain liquifing while listening to this horrible crap.
this is probably the worst stupidest and dumbest podcast that itunes has released these. kids dont even know what they are saying... id rather be locked up in jail than have to listen to this crap. itunes im dissapointed
You should have done some real work istead of this piece of crap. I mean like you guys should have done your research. Just leave Naruto Talk to the experts. So don't produce another podcast of Naruto Talk until you know some real naruto facts.
1.) Learn to talk - if you're making a podcast you should know what you're saying without um, or stuttering, or a big pause to find out the date nd then say u dont no 2.) Naruto's not a weird show - I love it and so do alot of people. Thats who would be listening to your podcast had it been any good 3.) Nooo...just NO...nine tailed fox DECIDED to go into Naruto???? don't even get me started btw Im a girl too...try watching the show or reading the Manga if you know what that is
this podcast is so stupid!!!!! i could do a podcast better then then them. i have wached every episode so far and i have read the manga. this podcast puts naruto to shame.
they stink i know way more then these stuttering poor speach lame-o's omg ive seen every episode and i say if u wana create a podcast on naruto please freaken get your facts straight and don't think you know everything cuz it sounds like you looked at a summery of each episode and didn't even bother to watch the show. point is don't create a podcast that stinks.
These Kids Have No Idea What They Are Talking About Its Pahtetic They Are And Insult To Naruto Fans All Over. I-Tunes Needs To Quit Posting Podcasts Of Naruto And Put Up The Show And If You Agree With Me Click Yes


By Dawn :B
these kids... know nothing about the show. no music, voices muffled, not even 1 single girl. come on you guys, girls deserve to be in podcasts too.
U guys tried but the truth was that it wasnt that great. U hafta stay up 2 date. Rite now, Orochi is "dead" inside sasuke. Talk bout that sorta stuff