Reviews For Modern Manners Guy Quick and Dirty Tips for a More Polite Life

I enjoyed your pod cast and will continue to listen to past episodes. Thanks for your quality presentation and entertaining stories
Besides content, I love the humorous style and occasional use of eloquent words.
I like that a) a man is doing a manners podcast; b) they are short; c) he relays 3 short and quantified points on good manners. Makes it easier to process. Funny thing about manners is that the people who are studying up on good manners are likely not the ones who need the information the most. I recommend this podcast to anyone who would like to refresh and expand their mental database of what is and what is not mannerly in today's society. Sometimes the author attempts to add humor that is just not my style, but that doesn't take away from the good tips on manners. This podcast covers all kinds of awkward scenarios that are relevant to current topics in the news; in other words, it blazes the trail on subjects that haven't really been touched on before. And that's pretty cool.
Quick and dirty (clean) tips for mannerisms. Good topics, quick delivery, happy podcaster.
I've always loved reading about manners. I'd read Judith Martin and Dear Abby as early as nine years old (my parents worked a lot and there were few girls to play with out where we lived). I like this podcast because it's short and he gives examples and anecdotes. It's also a nice update to the etiquette columns from the Judith Martin/Dear Abby era.
I'm a fan of a number of the Quick and Dirty Tips franchise of podcasts. I really like how short they are and the Modern Manners Guy doesn't disappoint. I enjoy listening to his take on how to interact with the modern world, although I don't always agree with him. That's part of the fun.
or him
Although I find the topics of his podcasts interesting, his tips often lack insight, and he tends to be redundant. After listening to about 10 episodes, I'm left disappointed and a little frustrated. He chooses to cover obvious content and leaves a lot of my initial curiosities about a topic unaddressed. I know it's a short podcast, but I could conceive of the entirety of most of his episodes being condensed into an intro.
Terrible, terrible podcast. What's the point of this? Nothing that matters.
I love this podcast. I look forward to his advice every week.
Generally, I find the content of this podcast valuable, or at least interesting. However, virtually every episode there are places where edits are obviously intended, and just as obviously not done. For a podcast this short, it should be able to be done in no more than 15 or 20 minutes. I'll keep listening for now, but that really grates on me.
It is impolite to upload the raw feed of a podcast when editing out errors and restarts would be so easy. This podcast does not match up to the other Quick & Dirty Podcasts.
I'm unsubscribing- this one is just not for me. Too often, the MMG is giving advice that sounds like he is suggesting deceit or passive-aggressiveness to solve manners problems. I would much rather hear advice about how to politely and directly deal with a situation. I also do not find his sense of humor to be funny.


I find him to be completely passive aggressive. Ep 178, for example, his 'calling them out without calling them out' method. Really? Shaming somebody isn't polite, no matter the circumstance or how big of a fake smile you're wearing. This is manners for the plastics.
About half of the situations, at least, seem to be scenarios that I really am unconcerned about experiencing. However, those that really matter to me have been both interesting and applicable. I would suggest looking through the titles and finding whichever topics interest you, and just skipping over the others. Best part? SHORT AND SWEET!
This use to be a good and fun podcast but recently it has taken a turn for the worst. I have been listening to QD Tips since the beginning and the current MMG is just not that good and he is a little annoying and somewhat of a bully. He advocates using inappropriate, sarcastic, and mean hummer as a way to get out of situations. Also what is up with his constant plugging of the nutrition diva? It is rude to wast my time by plugging this other podcast when I am listening to his podcast. Also enough with the overzelust promoting of stitcher smart radio.... It is not that great. Just say that they are the sponsor and get on with the show.
Why does it take so long for new episodes?
The new Modern Manners host unfortunately does not have the refined voice and sensibilities of the first host or the Southern charm of the 2nd host. He complains about cost and money all of the time and has very obtrusive, confrontaitional methods to resolving awkward situations, which is the antithesis of hte whole point of the entire podcast. For example, on a recent episode on how to split a restaurant bill, he suggests that people play dumb when the bill comes if their friends want to split it evenly and he has ordered less and offers this suggestion: tell your friend, hey, i'll pay for all of that stuff you ordered but you can pay for my car bill. ha. ha. Seriously? Also his voice is very grating and rude sounding which is just the icing on the cake.
The new host has taken this podcast in a new direction. Are slightly sarcastic or thinly disguised expressions of irritation really the only answers to manners dilemmas? Honestly Manners Guy, punishing rude behavior and practicing good manners are NOT the same thing. And the person on the receiving end of your suggestions will surely know it. The previous host worked from a premise that good manners let both parties escape gracefully from sticky situations, which for me was a much more useful approach and I miss it. I'm unsubscribing now becaues I don't really need any encouragement to give in to sarcasm or irritation.
I am a long-time listener and fan of many QDT podcasts. I was a fan of Modern Manners Guy as well, at least until the show's host changed to the current one. While I tried to stick with the once-favourite podcast for as long as I could, after the 12th episode I felt compelled to unsubscribe. Most of the advice in the new version of the show appears to be merely common sense, and some advice did not sound mannerly at all.
Good advice in this podcast, but lately it seems like the show is composed almost entirely of product placement/ads, which might be less jarring if the episodes were longer.
This podcast gives not only great advice, but shares interesting stories regarding manners and helps me through my day! Keep up the great work, and keep 'em comin'!
Following this podcast for some time now. Well done and lots of useful information.
I work with individuals with developmental disabilities and these topics are very relevant. We all could use a brush up on our manners. Thanks for the great podcast.


I've enjoyed your podcast for months (maybe years?), but I especially enjoyed your episode on manners regarding smoking. I haven't smoked for years, but I've always been bored by the moralizing and condescension that nearly always accompanies comments of nonsmokers. Thanks!
This is a nice podcast; the host has a soothing, friendly (and, yes, polite) tone and at just a few minutes each, these are a great refresher on basic manners.
Short, sweet & to the point. Same cast members as "The Manners Cast" and is a great fast podcast for the masses. Listen, love, and then head over to "The Manners Cast" for a full length goodness-fest!
Quick and Dirty Tips podcasts are just want you need in a busy life, 5-10 min bites of useful knowledge. Well produced and well thoughout content.
Quick and Easy --to the point! These podcasts have been great discussion points for my children and I..thanks Manners Guy! (especially for the trust/truth in 2008! This was a great family discussion tool.)
I really appreciate your podcast. It's well written and well delivered. It's straightforward and concise. I really like that you don't shy away from the "smaller" difficult modern ethical issues. Most modern ethicists love to talk about stem-cell research and whatnot, forgetting that what to do about work-wear in the summer and forwarding emails is really important decision in the life of the everyday working adult. Thank-you for making my everyday decisions easier. p.s. sometimes the podcast stutters on playback, it can be very frustrating
wirth any self-centered folks you know : )
Thank you for some great information.
I absolutely love this podcast! I always wished that there were etiquette classes that my children and I could take, but could never find any. Now I have this wonderful podcast that helps out in the meantime. AWESOME!!!
I was a regular listener of the Mr. Manners podcast, and enjoyed it very much, but fell away from listening shortly after the name change. I just downloaded several episodes to begin listening again, and I'm disappointed to hear that the tone of the podcast has changed significantly. The older shows were genteel, concise, and educational, while the new ones are rambling and condescending. The former good humor has been replaced by mocking jabs, sometimes at the listener's expense. I hope that the original format will return in the future.
The manners tips are good, but like all the qdnow podcasts, this has almost half of the podcast taken up with ads and other non-content.
I started listening to this podcast when I was looking for manners books and podcasts geared towards children. My kids are currently 8 and 9, so a little young for listening to most episodes of Modern Manners Guy. However, his advice is excellent for the average adult. Of course, some topics apply to some people and not to others. I enjoyed the previous Manners Guy, who had a nice delivery. The current Manners Guy is also good. If you are interested in improving your manners, or have a situation that needs to be resolved, this is a good podcast to subscribe to.
Modern Manners Guy is short and to the point, although he always sounds bored, and there's a 50 second commercial at the beginning of every single podcast, which gets pretty annoying, although I know that they have to do the commercial, but maybe they could redo it. But other than that, this podcast is very helpful. :)
I really enjoy listening to Modern Manners Guy because I can find something useful in each episode. The situations discussed are common ones so almost everyone can relate. The episodes are short but still provide the needed information.
Relevant, short and to the point... and always useful.... at the very least good conversation starters!
This usually runs from 5 to 6 minutes and has simple, to-the-point advice. Thank you for a great podcast!
Great netcast! Trent explores ways in which we can all use our manners to make the world a nicer place.
It sounds like he's just reading a script, sometimes too quickly. Lots of common sense but have learned a couple of things I didn't know.
Great podcast with straight to the point advice in a friendly, helpful presentation.
Get a fresh perspective on manners in our modern world. If everyone followed this advice, the Earth would be a better place! Keep up the great work!
Thank-you for the entertaining reminders!
I have enjoyed these episodes and found them very helpful. The opening music is pleasant and while I will miss Adam Lowe's voice, Trent also has a voice that's easy to listen to. And I'm sure the quality of the content will continue to be strong, as are all the Q&D Tips productions.
Great voice and very helpful tips!
With episode 36 Mr. Manners has turned to reruns instead of allowing an obviously floundering podcast to die a dignified death.