Reveal: Worship Decentralized

Reviews For Reveal: Worship Decentralized

I appreciate that Reveal Podcast is searching out the fringe of this worship generation, looking for where God is going to show up. They are not comfortable in their black high back leather chairs. Taking it to the streets! Pawnshop Kings rock, thanks for making life have color again!
A great podcast from 2 guys who are in the trenches trying to reach the world through their gifts every week at different size churches; Great controversial and thought provoking content and along with original tunes; AND, If you offended by people who are overly impressed with their own opinions then you haven’t been in the ministry very long and you won’t like this podcast.
I think these guys are awesome. They're very down to earth and tell it like it is when it comes to worship. I can relate in a lot of ways with a lot of what these two speak on. . .keep them comin, boys. Great songs by the way. . .
This was a great podcast. I loved the story about how the worship leaders were out in front of the battle and how that relates to worship leading in the church today. Thank you for sharing your insights with us. Can't wait for the next one....and yes, Christian, "Strip Me Away" is your best song so far.
It is refreshing to hear a couple of guys talk about worship without all the usual cliche's and Christianese. The discussion is relevant and pertinent for today's church and worship leaders. I appreciated the song showcase (it is a great song) and we will begin to use it in our services.
The previous reviews were quite confusing because this podcast is GREAT!!! If you’re looking for a podcast to offer an authentic and open approach to Worship and all of the elements that go with it, then this is the one you want! A very informative resource for the Worship Leader or anyone involved in a Worship Team. And…I hardly think the English guy sounds like David Bowie. If it only gets better from here, then this is gold.