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Love it !!!!!! But could you make it shorter my I pod can't hold very much
It would be nice if there could be more. It's been a few years.
It was terrible
Techno Chicken's music is great and up-beat. All the songs make you want to dance and listen to more. One of my favorites is "Burning Blade" under "SuperEgg".
Then why is it still under "free"? Put a price on it or somethin so we don't keep clicking on free, expecting free, then hearing NOT!
I'm still listening to this podcast! I love it.. especially with ones with LoZ! :)
This has to be some of the best techno music. There is very good music and good dance beats.
I love listening to Techno Chicken! it makes me want to get up and dance. I feel sad though because I cant find The Egg Show anymore, the rest of the songs though are amazing!!


By Sasha_K
please please make more podcasts i love all your mixs they make me feel so alive
The song is awesome. You should get it. Im not joking. If you think Im joking then HI.
DUDE! THIS RAWKS!!!!! PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!! i highly recamend this podcast for all!!!!! pwnage


i love techno, and i especially love the remixes of the old pokemon themes ( another one of my favorite things) so thank you technochicken, these are awesome!! i have downloaded all of the episodes, and i wait eagerly for more!!
5 stars. techno is awesome! i have no clue what a techno chicken is, but its good.
its ok, the only thing i noticed was most of this music was taken from
If you like techno or electric music this is one of the best podcasts, but some of these songs are weird.
Part of this song is on Tony Hawk's American Wasteland video game! TIGHT!


could someone please tell me what the heck this is?!?!?!?!?!?! does have a nice beat...
nothin special, but not bad.

By C.M-W
This is one of the best techno podcasts.