Reviews For Underwood and Flinch and Other Audiobooks by Mike Bennett

I found Mike years ago and absolutely loved his Underwood and Flinch. It is one of the best vampire series out there.
I just discovered this podcast and I’m completely addicted what a fantastic voice talent writing music everything.
Mike has a unique, iconic voice, particularly for reading HP Lovecraft. It’s like Marc Thompson for Star Wars novels- I don’t want to hear anyone else’s voice for this genre. Congrats on leaving FB as well. I’m so happy for you and hopefully more people will come to the same conclusion you did (after a very careful though process). Off to Patreon now...
I LOVE your podcast. So much talent, great writing skills, great reading skills, great voice impressions! Keep going, don't stop. You are a gem! I have tried to say this several times, but it never goes through, why? You are one of the greats. Love what you do. Hard work, it's worth it.


By DpPod
I’ve been listening to Mike since the early 2000’s. In fact, U&F was the first full podcast I listened to!!! This is probably my 4th or 5th listen through and it’s still as good as the first time! I honestly forget that Mike is doing all the voices and when that reality hits me.... it blows me away every time! I’m so glad to see you’re still putting out new recordings! Please keep them coming!!!!
cheers man, fabulous new episode, I’m thrilled you’re still at it
I hope you keep your stories going. You’re one of my favorites
All of Mike's work is brilliant! Loved zombie story, and all of his other stuff, like Underwood & Flinch. Funny, & captivating. Great quality recordings. I don't know why he's not a household name.
Amazing stories and an amazing voice for his genre! And to use a bit of an old cliché …I could listen to Mike read the phone book and be compelled and not turn it off!
Amazing author and incredible narrator!


By Cd hill
A great book can't wait for the next!! Thank you Mike for all your hard work I can't stop listening!!!
Mike Bennett is an amazing author and podcaster. You are doing yourself a disservice if you do not download everything he has ever done. I can't help but voraciously consume everything Mr. Bennett puts out. A must listen life changer.
What a story, can't believe it's been so long since I started listening and I still haven't wrote a review. Underwood is a pure delight to listen to, Mike does an excellent job as narrator. I can't wait for more!
I’ve been working my way through several podcasts by Mr. Bennett and am constantly amazed by the creativity of his stories, the level of care he puts into performing other peoples stories and the depth of character he portrays with the almost infinite variety of voices as accents in his readings.
Thank you Mike from the from my mosquito thick swamp in the Deep South USA. You may have saved my life one night. If your wife gets sick of you and kicks you out? Please come live in my snack with me. Love, Paula Two Bears
Heard him first on podiobooks doing Underwood & Flinch... the writing is so good; voice is even better. His reading of Lovecraft is dead on & the really characters come to... uh... anyway... If you still have a brain give this one a listen, you will like it.
Is this still an active podcast?
Mike, come back we miss your twisted ideas. I'm currently watching season 3 of Dr. Who and he is what I picture you looking like. You just remind me of him. thanks for all the great stories now WE WANT MORE
Hoping you're okay Mike. You're missed :] Sophie >^..^<
i love everything about it but i'm just confused on why everytime i download anything beyond episode 6 it doesn't show....i want to listen to it on my ipod and it keeps showing that i'm not subcribed when i've hit the button at four times now....weird....
I am a fan of Mike Bennett's stories and I am glad he is continuing the Underwood and Flinch stories. The story line is great and leave to the imagination of what the characters look like and what they do within the novel. I look forward to hearing more.
Nuff said!!!
I just listened to U&W for the second time and loved it every bit as much as my first listen. Looking forward to Blood and Smoke!
If episode 6 of Blood and Smoke was released yet for May (I was hoping for the 3rd as I turn 52 that day) my body feels if I have gone though a war But I try to stay young in heart and mind about 15 As soon as I can get together the move $ I am going to Reno or somewhere near there where it is HOT& DRY ,I tried to take a B-Day ride on my lil Roketa 250cc scooter and because I just had my Left foot operated on for the 4th time 4 weeks ago but I guess it's not ready as the wind blew me over at a stop sign And as I think you know this started with the bad habit of going out barefoot to the car put my shoes in the pass. floor well then put them on when I reach my destination this time I was about out of gas in my1995 a riviera I stopped in a gas station as when gas light goes on you have about a mile to feed it or be stranded the C.Card swiped wasn't working on pump so like a moron I walked barefoot across scummy lot to pay inside stepped on a pebble and rest is to long to go into but need a good malpractice lawyers and as said just had 4th surgery and a lot of stupid mistakes were made by hospitalI also know this is your place to shine but I can't get into your sites please send me some kind of link to return to not talking about my f.up's on your review place. You know my info for meDylan Caamano waiting for #6 as a B-Day gift from ya, Please send me a link to return to contacting you the right way. I already told you a number of X I love your stuff and is addicting,Compared to what's out there. Sincerely Dylan Caamano
While waiting for the 2nd book to come out, I suffered trying to find a book as good as this one to spend my time. Because you can't find one. Listen and you'll never look for another author again.
Mike Bennett excels in whatever aspect of production he delves into, be it audio quality, humor or horror. If you're looking for one of the most enjoyable podcast authors out there, regardless of your interests, look no further. I've been a fan since the original days of hall of mirrors, and I don't intend to go anywhere soon.


I am beyond happy that Mike has decided to continue the Underwood & Flinch story! Seriously this is some entertaining storytelling! Boy was I pleasantly surprised when I thought I would be listening to Dracula and heard the annoucement that he was scraping that to continue Underwood & Flinch and then to get the new episode immediately...I was over the moon! Thanks Mike! So so excited for what's to come.
This podcast is now my top fav. Love Mike Bennett's voice and his writing is amazing as well. Best lit podcast I have found so far for horror fans.
Loved this story and loved the highly entertaining reading by the author. Mike Bennett is very talented and entertaining. Thanks for the wonderful book!!!
I love this podcast.. i cant wait till new episodes... this storie is addicting
I could not stop listening to it. The narrator (and author) does a fantastically eloquent reading, stepping in and out of characters with delightful efficiency.
Mike Bennett breathes life into his work. I feel so immersed in this book, it feels like an audio drama. Wonderful book and will be buying everything he has to sell in the future. Every podcast is 5++++ stars. You would be doing yourself a favor by listening to this podcast and all the others he has done. Thanks for the wonderful content!
Even if you are not a fan of vampire stories, you will ENJOY this one! Mr. Bennett is a master!
I just flew through the U & F podcast once I had started it. I so love Mr. Bennett's voice, and he is very funny. The quaility of his podcasts are top notch! Great work Mr. Bennett, looking forward to more.
One of the only times I've listened to a podcast and didn't skip the into and outro. Bennett's commentary and playful prefaces are as entertaining as the book itself. His use of accent and timber create individual characters in spite of a limited vocal range that bring the book to life allowing the listener to emerse themselves in to this very entertaining story. Hope other podcast creators use this as an example of both a good story and good story telling
A fabulous storyteller who is both the writer and perfomer of his own works. His podcast novel, U&F challenges our mundane preceptions of good & evil and what it means to be human.
It's a really enjoyable story. This is the second podcast that I've listened to by Mike Bennett. I can tell he enjoys the medium. I love his intros and outros...very original and lots of fun. His style of story-telling is a big poart of what I love about it. I hope that he voices his audiobooks when he gets that far. His quality is top-notch already.
the most brilliant and intelligently engineered podcast i have read. Mike Bennet's story skills in his short stories and in this novella are so refreshing and wonderfully rich. i have choked down too many substandard podcasts with pathetic production values not to praise this man to the skies.
Yes its that good! I could listen to mike tell me stories all day. How could you have that many voices im your head and not go crazy? Long Live underwood and flinch!
Wish it came out faster. Soooo good!
First listened to Mike B's short stories on the "Hall of Mirrors" podcast. While I can admit some of those are hit/miss, this story is well worth the downloads. I commute to work and this story beats the radio any day! Well done.
Forget Twilight, Trueblood, the Vampire diaries or any other recent vampire stories. Click directly through to Underwood and Flinch. You'll be glad you did. Runs the gamut of vampire lore into present day Spain, but with a unique twist. Expertly narrated by the author in English with English, Russian and Spanish accented character voices, professionally produced and most important, brilliantly written.
Mike Bennett is a talented author and fantastic story teller. This is one of the best podcasts out there!! Thank You Mike!
I love Mike's dialogue and voices. Great characters.
Okay this has been amongst the best vampire stories ever, and certainly the best vampire story since the new wave of vampire fiction. Not being a 13 year old girl, I am not overly familiar with "Twilight" or "Vampire Diaries" but I know enough about them to know that they are vapid, overly romanticized , versions of the vampire myth. Nothing like that in U & F. The characters are both believable and amusing. The dialogue flows smoothly, with the ring of truth so often lacking in fiction. The intersecting plot lines draw you right in and could stand on their own as novellas. Not only is everything by M.B brilliantly written, but his performances are so well done that I always have a very clear mental image of each character and feel that they are real individuals and not at all the voice of a single performer. The quality of his production is incomparable and way beyond anything we should reasonably expect from a free podcast. All this aside Mike Bennett is an extremely talented, original and creative writer with a tremendous grasp of the english language and the fact that he has not received a profitable book deal is a sad comment on the state of publishing. I have little disposable income and have as yet to donate to a podcast, but I feel that for all the hours of excellent entertainment Mr. Bennett has provided me I am going to have to make this a first. I eagerly await the Q & A episode and I am taking Mikes advice to wait until then, before I make my contribution. Everything that I have said about U & F applies equally to his other podcasts. Please Mr. Bennett never stop writing and performing, the world of literature and podcasting would be a sadder and emptier place without you.
I just started listening today at work and I don't think nine hours has ever flown by so fast. The story is engrossing and the characters are detailed in many ways. I don't know if I can recommend it enough, definitely worth five stars.
I'm pretty tired of the zombie, werewolf and vampire genres. I kept looking at all the reviews and yet just couldn't move on it because I'm so burned out on Vampires. This may be the best podcast I've ever listened to. As good as Rosi or Sigler, maybe even better.