Properly Chilled

Reviews For Properly Chilled

Writing a review for a free podcast doesn't seem necessary since there's no financial risk in listening (the way it should be) so I'd like to just to just say that if you enjoy the Properly Chilled Podcast, then check out Sunny Side Up by Mr Mojo Risin.
What happened to the best PODCAST ever? why no new episodes? This PODCAST is the best DOWNTEMPO cast handsdown.Please make more i would be willing to pay for it, as other fans I'm sure would.. :(
^^^See above! Great tunes and more. The website is sick too!
The Properly Chilled podcast is an excellent listen. The music is always great and the mix goes down smooth. I don't care for the interviews personally, but hey, thats just me.
It's very smooth, and well thought out. It's miles ahead of other podcasts in the same genre. Please keep up the good work!