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Put an episode of Intoxica on in the car as loud as possible, windows down, during a pitch black night. You will be transported to another dimension that all other shows can only dream about sending you. Thank you, Howie. Keep scratching that itch for "us."
To the whiny nerd mr eskimo pie dude complaining below...A) Rules go out the window when you are an artist! B) This is NOT a podcast like the one you probably make in your bedroom at mommy's house, this is a REAL LIVE RADIO SHOW recorded at a real radio station which is then recorded by fans, and posted as a "podcast" in name only. Look, learn, read before you put your foot any further in your mouth. Every pioneering Disk Jockey from the early days of rock n roll yelled, screamed, made jokes, TALKED & PLAYED SOUND EFFECTS OVER THE MUSIC. Listen to an aircheck of Alan Freed, Wolfman Jack, Mad Daddy, Mad Mike, or any other of the thousands of DJs. And you just might begin to have the slightest inkling of what you are talking about. Until then, stay in your room, you are grounded.
Great collection of oddities.
You do what youre doing Howie!!! Great stuff that needs to be heard!
Great F'n program, too bad ITunes takes the best part of the shows out. It is best to hear it live, Tuesdays 9pm (PST). But if you can't this is better than missing it. Howie plays the best stuff you won't hear anywhere else, and for a rock god Howie's pretty modest.
This is one of THE best music podcasts in existence. You'll hear music you'll probably never ever hear if not for the bizarre obsessions of Howie Pyro. This music is for weirdos, the good kind of fun-loving weirdo trying to "find the others". This is music from a bygone era that resides only in our imaginations. A few "intoxica!" drops can hardly ruin the show.


Best podcast on the net,original, funny, gotta love that reverb
Great selection of music. you'll be exposed to a lot of fun, nice songs from yester year and modern times that are obscure and worth listening to. The host has fantastic character and energy. As editing goes, its a basic rule of podcasting that if you are going to segment your show, they have to flow together seamlessly. These do not. Some cut in the middle of the song, some repeat the previous song, some start in the middle of a song. Even worse than poor editing, the Howie Pyro insists on playing drops while songs are being played. In the middle, not in between songs, you'll hear the drop "Intoxica" go off in the background while you're enjoying any of the instrumentals, r&b, or rock 'r roll. few times, you'll hear a movie sample drop in. Imagine conventional radio when it was good. Would you still listen to that station if in the middle of your favorite song, a booming voice overpowers the song. it isn't an emergency interruption, its the host dropping the name of his station over the hook and he sometimes does that 3 or 4 more times you will be sick of the bush league use of drops and effects by the time the first show you listen to is over. The host is holding himself back by doing this. The music he plays by itself sells the show. The drops have to go. We know what your show is, Howie Pyro, you are doing yourself injustice by reminding us in the middle of the best songs you play.
That's the title of one of the strangest songs I've ever heard, and of course I discovered it on Howie's phenomenal podcast show. "You broke my heart and I broke your jaw". Yup, that's another amazingly crass rock n' roll nugget I stumbled upon via Intoxica Radio. Gotta love ya Howie!
Incredible selection of rockabilly-garage-surf-lounge-rock-exploito obscurities (along with vintage radio ads for trashy drive-in movies) from the 50s through the 70s. Each show is a whopping two hours. If you have any interest at all in the underbelly of the era's pop culture as preserved on the mighty 45rpm record, tune in - you won't be sorry.
Great spot when you are tired of canned music. Wide range of old rock and blues. With short comments and funny commericals