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The content and presentation is organized and clear. I enjoy the research references given by Mr. Dunning, and especially the fact that he encourages feedback/corrections, then presents them on an “updates” episode. Well done.
In all honesty I've stopped listening to your podcast. Though I've still been listen to the SGU, Michael Shermer, and even revisit sone of your past episodes. I simply don't care about every lame ghost story, crypto zoology, alien/ufo story that is obviously bogus; Every episode is the same. It does nothing to further my understanding skepticism, the natural world, our political system, the media, science, education, etc. There is simply no cognitive dissonance created by your content that helps me grow intellectually. Unless this changes I no longer wish to support you podcast financially. Best of luck. Old Review An objective podcast with accessible links to check sources; Usually interesting, and informative topics. Some of the negative reviews mention a political agenda. This is a simply a non-political show. Some of the topics viewed through a scientific or skeptical lens may be in agreement with an ideology. However, the podcast is only promoting a way to look at quality evidence and draw the most reasonable conclusion as a result of that evidence. Dunning bends over backwards to clarify his conclusions and the reasoning for drawing them. THAT'S KIND OF THE POINT OF THE PODCAST. Best yet, like a true freethinker, he self corrects, accepts valid criticism, and takes pride in doing know kind of like how science works........ -Totally Gnar Gnar
Brian Dunning has become my fake science guru. He's funny, he backs up everythihg he says, he uses the rules of logic and good research skills (to help the rest of use learn and improve them), and not only does he not admit his mistakes...he has whole podcasts dedicated to them! My guess is that he has totally different politics than me, but I've never felt like my principles or beliefs have been dissed by him. He has a skillful way of acknowledging both sides of thorny issues. I've especially learned from his information about climate change. And although I've just referred to the presenter so far, he has a lot of folks helping out.
I love hearing about myths, urban legends, and conspiracies, but dislike being misled by false information. Skeptoid is amazing at explaining the “unexplainable” with scientific facts and logic. Each show is created with accredited sources and, most importantly, if there is ever a mistake made, the show notes are updated and announced. This podcast is a lifelong learner’s dream!
I was with this guy for awhile until a few episodes where his stated “proof” was based on lazy research. I’m done with this podcast and will stick with the ones that are properly researched
19 minute episode, 5 minutes of commercials. Trash


By Geofu
The best: Professional, deadpan, compassionate,
Skeptoid is on of my favorite podcasts. Brian and the other hosts do an excellent job of applying critical analysis to folklore (modern and past) & current events in an entertaining fashion. I urge you to support this podcast and make sure that critical thinking is stressed in your local school system.
I’m always happy when I see that I have a new podcast available thanks!
This is the epitome of the type of thinking that pretends to use science to debunk all sort of things. The problem is, like most people who do this under the guise of skepticism, is he has very little knowledge, and even less understanding of what he is talking about. I openly laugh out loud at some of his explanations, even a elementary school science education is more accurate than him. The most laughable thing is everything is explained by “mass hysteria”, which isn’t what he seems to think it. He uses it in that way that has been used by blatant sexists and racists to dismiss the experiences of anyone believing or experiencing the world differently from them. “No, your symptoms are real, you’re hysterical, see a psychiatrist.” He gives rational people and scientist a bad name. His lack of education and reliance on pop science instead of real science makes his arguments churlish and easily dismissed. He is not a skeptic, he just a contrarian. This is lazy podcasting.
After listening to about a dozen episodes, I have decided to unsubscribe because the presenter’s bias is established at the outset of each episode using language that is more indicative of getting thoughts off one’s chest than objective investigation. While I most often agree with the position taken, the investigation, arguments, and language are sloppy. The Dunning-Kruger effect gets all of us sometimes but gets this podcast regularly, in my opinion. It has been entertaining much of the time but also disappointing when the subject area is one in which I have greater experience and knowledge than the presenter.
Just revisited his episode with Joe Rogan and Mr Dunning is condescending and self righteous. Wouldnt listen to this podcast for nothing!
I really enjoy listening to the podcasts and bringing good skeptical views of many popular and rarely known views on paranormal, conspiracy theories, medical woo, etc. My bone of contention is the host’s, Brian Dunning, political bias on the show. From his conversations and quips, he seems to be on the left of the political spectrum. He seems to really emphasize the craziness and lunacy of certain people on the right-wing of the political spectrum for their views but downplays or barely gives a mention of the crazies on the left. If he does give it a mention of the leftists kooks, he will not mention their political affiliation. This is a contrast to the right-wing groups and his content mentioning of the group being right-wing/conservative/extremist any time he wants to drive the point home of their political leanings. I have no problem with Brian Dunning’s political views or stances. However, if he still wants to be a person of facts, he might either give both political sides the same amount of coverage when describing their political views or not mention it at all unless it is relevant to the topic. Again, I do enjoy the podcasts and the use of rationalism to disprove many of the wild things being said in today’s media. Just keep the politics out if it is not relevant to he topic and I do not need to constantly hear the person’s or group’s right of center leaning every other sentence.
A show about how to understand science and/or look at the world in a broad way. Not sure it'll make a difference but it's admirable
Ideas are not supported. The podcast appears to be designed to distract the world from the truth.
Conspiracy theories, scams, false advertising, and anthropomorphizing spirits are not new phenomena. What is new is the reach, as we are bombarded daily with "gate du jour”. One could view science and facts as just another way of looking at things, I suppose. But why not have a standard process that has no bias, doesn’t ask you for money, makes no promises, doesn’t shame you, doesn’t scare you, doesn’t coerce you, is not likely to kill you, but does require a bit of time and thought? Especially when making very life-changing decisions? I want to tolerate others’ beliefs if there is no harm. Brian Dunning has made it much easier for me to find the delicate space between one’s beliefs and the facts so that I can respond with kindness but, most importantly, with full confidence. Thank you, not only for your many hours of research, but also for teaching ethics, methods and vocabulary to make me a useful skeptic.
Interesting, well written, well narrated, intelligent, an exercise in logic. What more do you want? Full of good info, amaze your friends! Seriously, become a premium member, get the USB drive and never have a dull car ride.
Reading all these reviews is quite entertaining. Buncha right and left wing idiots trying to bury their political bias in 1 star reviews calling skeptoid a biased outlet. The irony is overwhelming
I’ve been listening to Skeptoid for a year or so now and I so appreciate the information presented in the quick easy to understand episodes. Brian and the team always answer my questions (and questions I didn’t know I had) with clear, concise explanations. I love that his answers are always fair and unbiased, as well. A very rare treat!
Excellent podcast. It has taught me how one should take (or not take) information that is assumed to be true.


There are many podcasts that do the same thing better. I feel like this guy is kind of trying to be edgy but he comes across as a little bit cracked.
In days when conspiracies are being flogged at all levels of society, we need to hear the truth, however painful to our preconceived ideas. Skeptoid podcasts are short and give you a great overview of legends and stories old and new. The web site has excellent references if you want to learn more. You’ll expand your understanding of scams and misunderstandings, and have fun doing it. Well done!
Or maybe it doesn't. Who am I to judge. Anyway, it will probably be proven wrong. Or confirmed. I don't know.
Brian, thank you for your research and presentation! Very well put together! I’ve enjoyed each episode!
I am an archaeologist-turned-geologist and, boy, do I come across pushers/believers of pseudoscience and woo-woo on a DAILY basis!!! Skeptoid is my first go-to for quick debunks and recommendation for people ‘on-the-fence,’ in these situations. Brian keeps it short, sweet, thorough and also updates his information with corrections! Brian Dunning is the real deal, and so is Skeptoid. Plus, The Premium Feed is pretty awesome, too!
This used to be a good high-quality podcast to go to to get the truth on things it is now turned into a liberal right bashing garbage cast. This is a shame. Don’t waist your time.
Lost a star based on additional political bias. This podcast is hit or miss. On basic subjects, it is great. If he is advocating for one of his sacred cows he does not use reason or proper skeptical techniques. The Soros, electric car, and wind farm episodes were particularly terrible. Be skeptical. Especially of this podcast.
The fantastic irony of this podcast is that the host labels anything outside mainstream scientific conventional wisdom a “pseudo-field.” Well, guess what this podcast is? A big ol’ heaping of pseudojournalism, psuedoscholarship, and 200 percent snake-oil salesmanship. Don’t take my word for it: look at their “scientific advisors” and board of directors on the homepage — lotta comedians, actresses, and folks with laughably thin “academic” credentials. The host is neither scientist nor journalist, which explains why there are so many inexcusable and downright embarrassing errors. In my role as a public policy writer (a real one) I’d get fired ASAP if I had to run a corrections episode every other month. But that’s not what’s most galling (as podcasts, by their nature, ain’t exactly academically rigorous). No, what’s most grimly hilarious about the agenda of These Brave Truth Tellers is how their smack down of, say, an alternative medicine is immediately followed up with an ad for quickie loans, or one of another of the countless internet scams/bogus businesses that plague these podcasts. Including AWS. Apparently, rigorous thinking stops once the paychecks start rolling in.
Brian does the world a huge service in teaching evrn just critical thinking and if you must, use it the scientific method go debunk ridiculous things. Big claims require equally big evidence. Oh, I had Bigfoot for dinner last night....tasted just like chicken.
Thanks for teaching me how to think!
Clarity, professionalism and straightforward. Best education I will ever get outside of hanging with Stephen Hawking for a decade (he was notoriously slow to speak), and unlike the beloved Hawking... this podcast gets the message out fast. My weekly addiction!
This is an amazing compendium of rational thinking applied to the vast fields of pseudoscience, folklore, and alien visitation to name just a few topics Brian Dunning and his supporters have cast their skeptical eye at. The show notes provide in-depth sources.
This douche of a narrator is grasping a straws constantly. I much prefer academia over alternative researchers and I’m no conspiracy theorist but that doesn’t mean they can’t be on to something with the sphinx. Nothing you said proved the older sphinx theory to be impossible yet you kept reiterating that bc you said so its bs I’m not even a huge fan but to call true researchers like graham Hancock a “ ancient aliens pseudo scientist” because he might have appeared on a few episodes is so trashy and wrong and has nothing to do with the topic at least he’s open to being wrong unlike tons of mainstream academics that when pressed immediately begin throwing insults and tantrums. This guys methods are just as bad as the claims he makes about the covered alternative researchers. This episode was cherry picked and lacked huge amounts of information to say case closed its debunked. For me I don’t know its still up In the air, but they way this guy lead this narrative intentionally trying to make people like Dr. shock and the others appear as complete quacks purposely instead of using that time to show more evidence for the topic is absolutely unethical and intellectually dishonest.. 0 stars not worth the lies that come with the listen.
This smug presenter, as a skeptic myself, gives us a bad name. He literally quotes “debunking evidence” from a lot of texts and sources that are lacking in veracity to begin with. Then he uses circular evidencing with past episodes, as if that last episode was based on quality research. This is what’s wrong with people who THINK theyre smarter than everyone else, they can’t see that their own work is faulty! Where are your primary sources?! And no, researches you agree with are not primary sources. Again, sometimes the points made are valid and are interesting, but the smugness derived from his actual LACK of knowledge overshadows a small technicality that he think proves his point. This is armchair-professionals at its finest. Do you understand, Mr narrator, that you can’t believe everything your read online?! The world needs less stupid people that think they know everything.
This podcast should be weekly listening for grade schoolers (and adults). I have a post-graduate degree in Physics and Electrical Engineering and I absolutely love this pod cast. I frequently tell my wife how hard it is for someone who knows everything to live with someone who only thinks she knows everything, but keeps my eyes opened wide! is informative, interesting, and entertaining. I would absolutely recommend it to EVERYONE who is not a well-educated super-genius like me (and make your children listen). I heartedly recommend subscribing and becoming a sustaining member, donating a regular amount each month to keep these good ideas in our world. The world desperately needs more Brian Dunning!
This show was fantastic, but Dunning has lately used several of its entries solely to advertise other podcasts and paid products. Listen to the back catalogue, but don’t subscribe.
This podcast has been instrumental in helping me see errors in logic and to identify times when I had been relying on misinformation to inform my world view. Back in 2013-14, when I first discovered Skeptoid, I binge-listened to every single episode. I agree that the musical episodes celebrating podcast milestones are my least favorite. To each his own. I’m glad that I found this valuable information.
Thanks for letting me know that I am not only cranky skeptic! Love the way you present your reasoning. I don’t always agree, but I defer to your superior fact checking! Keep it up!
Skeptoid is a great resource for all the reasons others have listed. My only complaint is the musical episodes. They’re awful. I appreciate all the research Mr. Dunning and his team put into each episode, but really, the musicals are bad.
I recently found Skeptoid and I love it! The deadpan delivery and willingness to accept criticism is just fun to listen to and it’s very informative. Brian’s rational and scientific approach is refreshing and he debunks irrational thought without being condescending. I love it!
I generally like this podcast and find the information useful and well researched. Sadly, the recent episode on wind energy and birds was disingenuous and incomplete. There was no mention of how wind farms affect bats, which in the world of bat conservation, is a very hot topic. Bats are often unfairly maligned in our society, and glossing over the negative impact wind farms have on their populations is gross and misleading.
If you don’t believe in climate change eat my *ss
Skeptoid podcast and Skeptoid Media as a whole is my absolute ’go-to’ for all topics, things, curiosities, etc. that have given me pause as to their validity and the explanation of how the said subject has crept into my consciousness. Their rigor in adhering to the scientific method and dedication in allowing only the most tested and factual studies and understandings of all things to make it to me and my listening/reading is appreciated more than words in a review can express.
What’s that? You’ve happened across “Adam Ruins Everything” but you want more of science and skeptical views of topics ranging from urban legends and conspiracy theories to aliens and monsters? Look no further! With 700 episodes in the bank, you’ll find plenty here to pique your curiosity and then relieve it. The host, Brian Dunning, even has all his references for each episode on his website. Hmmm... sounds familiar. Although you won’t find the overt humor of Adam, Brian takes you through topics and turns his skeptical eye on them taking you on a 10-15 minute journey every week on a new topic.
Do your research. There is no man made Global Warming. Google Elliptical Orbit And NASA. No need for any taxes. Particularly for BS carbon taxes. Stick to something you understand, Like UFOs and big Foot. Socialism does not work.
I cannot count how many times I've sent people links to Skpetoid episodes to educate them on whatever scam/BS/misinformation they believe. This podcast has been an invaluable resource for 13 years so far. Thanks Brian!
Learn something new every time I listen. Love the science and comprehensive reporting on interesting topics.
Been a listener for years and still look forward to each weekly addition. Covering a wide range of topics, each podcast provides a condensed deep dive into the background of each subject along with informative skeptical (sourced) analysis. Great for anyone interested in critical thinking. Enjoy.
The world needs more clearly argued and dispassionate skepticism. Mine is too often confrontational and emotionally charged. Brian reminds me of the value of calm rational thought!