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This is such an awesome podcast! I love how you go through each book of the Bible, chapter by chapter! This is such a blessing to many, thank you for creating this podcast.
I appreciate the clear and thoughtful explanations of The Bible. I listen on my way to work and think about it all day
Very grateful to be able to have this podcast to walk e through some books of the Bible. Currently going chapter by chapter of Genesis. This podcast has helped me dig deeper but has opened my eyes to connections I have never made before. It has even made genealogy fascinating! Thank you for these episodes!
Thank you for your insights into the Scriptures. Your thoughts give me a better understanding of God’s word. Finding your podcast has been a blessing!
I appreciate your podcast so very much. I was looking for a daily devotional in Gods word. I’ve gone back and listened to your words on the Bible text and have been blessed and renewed. Thank you, Chris, for your calm voice on the word of God.
I remember one day I was asking God to help me understand the Bible more and God led me to this. God is gracious and loving. I was also asking God to help me spend more time with him and he led me to pray more and to listen to this podcast more. God is amazing I could say that for the rest of my life GOD IS AMAZING. Thank you Chris and keep up your good work it will pay off.
I wish I could tell you how much your Bible Study podcast means to me. You truly bring God’s words to me in a way I’ve never heard or understood before. God has given you an awesome gift and I’m so thankful for you.
Great work for God’s kingdom! Could you do revelation? Thanks.
I am going through all of the episodes and am learning so much for which I am very grateful. I do wish you would reconsider your decision to skip over the book of Esther.
Still listening! Love ya Chris. Keep doing what you do brother. ———————————————————- I can’t tell you how I found Chris, but I’ve been listening to him for little over a year now. I value his study and explanation. Thanks Chris. Keep up putting them out there, and I will listen.
I have listened to Chris for years on his Amateur Traveler Podcast but only recently found the Bible Study Podcast he hosts. I have only started reading/studying the Bible in the last couple of years and having Chris help me with this journey is like having a good friend providing his perspective. Thank you Chris.
I truly appreciate the host’s voice, teachings, and perspectives on the Bible. This is such a great way for me to listen and learn about the stories and word of God and Jesus. Thank you!
Chris, I just want to drop in and say thank you for helping me look at the scriptures and passages in a different light. I enjoy reading the chapters, taking what it is I get from them and then listening to your take on the chapters! Thank you again brotha.
Found serendipitously, and I am so thankful for it. The Bible studies have an intro, a reading, and a very insightful summary. I follow along in my book and really enjoy this podcast as a bible study. Thank you to the very personable and knowledgeable host Chris Christenson.
I really enjoy this podcast. There are a lot of fun podcasts out there but I’ve found that they’re less focused on scripture and more on personal opinion. This strips away all of the distractions and confusion and sets clarity. This is a horrible review but I guess what I’m saying is that it’s time well spent! Love it!
I just found this podcast a few days ago. I really enjoy it! I listen in my car on way to work and back. Great way to feed your mind and spirit while sitting in traffic!


By nejnsmM
Where are the very first episodes so we can start at the beginning
I only started listening today, but I can’t believe how informative, and Biblical based the discussions are. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping us to understand what it means to be Christian. For too long have Christians perverted and misused the word of God, being a Christian is not complicated!
I have been a Christian for 10 years now. But I struggled with so many things, especially loving people. I did everything right, at least that I was aware of: I’ve never drank alcohol. I’ve never set foot in a bar except once and I walked right back out in less than 5 minutes because I couldn’t stand the lack of personal space and the atmosphere of one. But I found myself not loving people the way that I knew God wanted me to. I prayed for His guidance. Few months ago something led me to this podcast. My morning routine usually included listening to various podcasts ranging from self improvement, fitness, health, finance, to investment. But I felt like I needed to shut out those other voices and just listened to this podcast. I started from the very beginning and listened to each one as I ran in the morning. One of the first few episodes was about The Lord’s Prayer. I laughed and then cried as I listened and realized how far I was away from what I should be and how great God’s mercy and grace were to me all my life. As I listened more, I started to change spiritually. I found myself more calm and patient. I found myself actually loving people genuinely and wanted what would be best for them. I found myself able to pray for others and articulate my thoughts more clearly to Him. I found myself taking my time to help others. I found myself hearing the Holy Spirit more often. I’m at episode 432 now and I intend to keep on listening, and once I get to the most recent one, I plan to go back from the beginning and start all over again. I am filled with joy because I can experience the peace and the love from Him. I can also express the same to others, and hope to lead them to Him. Thank you so much for your work. It has changed my life.
i feel like this isn’t completely organized also Chris you should not use the word “piss” that word is Unseemly
Hello, I'm listening to episode 384 and it's your birthday. Happy birthday! God bless you for your educative podcast.
Just found you. Very good podcast. Right amount of detail to put the scriptures into context in small bites.
I appreciate your podcast.
Thank you so much for this podcast. It helps me to understand the Bible better so that I can explain it to the teens at my church. It also helps me deepen my relationship with God. I cannot thank you enough for the amazing work you’re doing!
I enjoy this podcast because I believe it to be accurate, informative, and well presented. Presents the OT in an way that makes dry material interesting. Thank you for what must be a major effort.
I fill my working days with thoughts of Jesus because I am able to listen to one bible study lesson after another from this fantastic podcast. I am currently at podcast #301 and am looking forward to all that remain (over 500 I hear!!!). Stay the coarse Chris. And my God bless you and all those who seek greater understanding of Gods word.
If been listening to this podcast for about a year. I love how he sticks to the scripture and then pauses.........and goes over what he read...........then picks up and begins reading again. He doesn’t read to fast I also find it helpful to read along in my bible (helps my mind focus) LIV4HIM
Thank you for the great info and logical commentary
I could listen to the way Chris reads and talks about the Bible everyday. Alas, this is a weekly podcast. I look forward to listening every week.


By Jim2we
This is one of the best bite sized bible study’s out there. Every Thursday a new one talked about explained. So good. Check it out.
Really like the host and how he takes you through the scripture...very down to earth, relatable guy (from California and has a very laid back non-preachy style...very knowledgeable but not condescending) Love the format of ~15-20 mins. I personally like how he reads the passages and then stops and offers his interpretation Thanks for all you do!
Lots of bible and straight forward practical biblical application. Very likable, humble personality. A pleasure to listen to.
Best bible podcast. He provides background and explanation for items not clear based on today's language
Easy Bible learning. Only 10 min or less per day. Like a devotional. Explains Bible in simple language and its application to daily life. Great for all denominations. Wonderful for anyone who needs to catch up on their understanding of Christianity. Amazing for anyone who still has not found a church or cannot make it to church. God bless Chris! Thank you Lord!
Highly recommend this podcast! Chris emphasizes “live the way the Bible teaches”.
This helps me with my own studies at my church and provides a more learned perspective from my small group. I like the book study and then the application studies. Plus a very soothing voice and to the point podcasts.
I've listened to this podcast for years. It is one of the means that I use to keep my mind on things above.
I love theses podcasts. I've learned a lot.
Chris does a fantastic job of taking each book of the bible and breaking it down chapter by chapter and adding character to the words that we read. The podcast doesn't seem to flow in any particular way; it doesn't proceed by following an historical timeline nor by how the books of the bible are laid out. I find this podcast easy to listen to and learn from yet hard to follow with what seem to be stops and starts as expressed previously.
I've learned so much. Chris does a good job helping you to understand.
I listen, no pun intended, religiously to these during my bed time and it gives me a great opportunity to absorb God's word. Keep 'em coming buddy! God bless ya.
This is by far the best bible study I have ever experienced. Chris puts the focus on the message and doesn't get bogged down on every single word.
The only negative here is that they end too soon!
Chris does an exellent job!! Please keep up the great work.
I thank God for coming across this bible podcast. Chris you certainly have the gift of teaching. I am relatively new in my walk in Christ, having been only baptized in May 2012. I read the bible myself, however, I have been enriched by listening to Chris honest, sound and insightful presentations. My grasp and knowledge of the bible have tremendously grown over the last months. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Chris's podcast is concise and to the point. He stays focused on the text. I tried many podcasts about Bible study, and this is the only one that has held my attention.
I came across this podcast through Chris' travel podcast. He's a great host and teacher. As a bonus, he's a techie and the quality of the episodes is very high. After sampling a few episodes, I found I had to go through and listen to them all from the start. It was worth the time. I certainly recommend this podcast to anyone with an interest in Bible study or learning more about the religion of Christianity.
I have been listening for years and this podcast has helped me grow in my understanding and given me the desire to read and study the bible on my own as well. Please give this podcast a try. Chris is very easy to listen to and you will learn a lot.
Great podcast for anyone interested in the bible, no matter the level of current knowledge. I love the balance of historical perspective and personal interpretation. Simply a joy! Thank you so much for the time committed to spreading the word.