Alchemically Braindamaged

Reviews For Alchemically Braindamaged

It's a bit like watching someone build a house of cards only with words. I enjoy it very much.
Ever since I came across this podcast, I've been addicted to it. Zacharius has such a vault of knowledge in his mental faculties, one of the few people I've heard who seems to genuinely use it to help others. I can't express enough how thankful I am, each podcast has something the listener can take and use for themselves and I've found listening to them has really put the chaos and uncertainty of my generation in perspective. Thanks again for this eye opening experience!
Like listening to the fugue of human experience sung from the rim of a calderra. Nice long explorations, delivered with confidence and an intuitive sense of spontaneity.
As both an avid philosopher and practicing occultist, ive gotta say, great podcast; probably the best I've seen so far. It is sad that this podcast does not recive the acclaim that Thelema coast to coast does. Almost every one of their episodes consists of arguments over a half dead order and whose fault it is. Way to raise the standards.