Expand Your Musical Horizons

Reviews For Expand Your Musical Horizons

There is a great selection of music here, and I'm enjoying it very much. I also like that fact that DJ Cary explains in detail who created each track and where you can buy it. Looking forward to hearing more!
I've only listened to one episode fully so far, and I'm currently on my second one, but it's on my Podcast subscription so will be hearing more. There are a few things I like about this. It lists the artist in your meta-data, so at least you know who it is while it's playing. All of the songs are announced at the end of the podcast if you want to pursue buying it, and in the meantime, there's no interruption between the music for the hour. The thing I liked most about this was the diversity of the music DJ Cary gets, which is excellent! I listened to Podcast # 63, and not is it only good music, this podcast had artists from Spain, the UK, Russia, France, Argentina, Indonesia, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Ukraine, Poland, Holland and Chile. How awesome is that??? Expand your musical horizons, indeed. Cary also tells you how to find it even if it's an unsigned artist and introduces the listener to different music sites that you may not have heard of.
Love this podcast...New subscriber and I want more. This is all really good downtempo/chill vibes. Great music selection to nod your head to!