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dude you did a great job man I think you sould do something about the Kraken in dead man chest. I would like it :)
Great podcast! I love all the cool info she talks about on the podcast. Really great! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!
I love this podcast! Are there any other recent episodes?
This is one of the greatest podcasts. It's really entertaining and full of pirate-loving fun with heaps of interesting information. This podcast inspired me to see the movie and it is now one of my favorites. Thanks Captain Jen! Everyone should subscribe!
I went on your new website and me and my friends are wondering when vyou are comminf out with a new podcast. Please come out with one soon because the movie is comming out in a matter of months and i found websites full of clips
This is the BEST podcast EVER! I would suggest it to every Pirate fan. And yes, I totally agree with the Elizabeth standing. She IS the movie. Anyway, I have a suggestion. You should do an episode on shipping sometime, like how likely the ship is, how it began. (Shipping-relationshipping) Jen, you are the best, and ANY obsessed Pirate fan can connect with you. Please keep doing these podcasts, but make them more regular.
Pirates is like sooo cool!! I love this podcast I sooo recomend.
I really enjoyed listening to the podcast, but just so you know, its Dalma. Tia Dalma. Anyways, I do somewhat agree about Elizabeth being the main character and I believe she deserves some credit, because she is strong, beautiful, flirtatious, and a rebel, which every movie needs some kind of rebel. By the way, I found out how to find the Behind the Scenes featurette. On disc 2 click down to "According to Plan." Then click LEFT twice to see a little leaf light up. Click the leaf to enjoy a 2-minute featurette on the art of craft services. So, anyways, I absolutely LOVED Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest and I will always love Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl! I cannot WAIT until At World's End! 80 days! ~CatLadyPirateLover
I love Pirates of the Caribbean! I am autimatically for anything including it. but this really is a good podcast, it's non-stop pirates! w00t! Spread the pirate love!
awesome mayb do a special elizabeth swann? after all u said shes ur favorite character and all it'd be nice to hear most of her story from ur pov jen. keep the podcasts comin
This podcast is ok. I know sooooo much more than this though. Oh- and the easter egg is at the end of the credits. the dog becomes the new cheif for the Pelegostos people. (obviosly someone hasn't listened to the commentary) they (ted elliot and terry rossio) talk about the easter egg at the end of the credits. their is another easter egg at the end of the credits for the first movie. jack the monkey swims into the cave at isle de muerta. pocast is ok, just needs more info. do some research
This is a great podcast for all Pirates of the Caribbean fans. It talks about everything pirates: the ride and the movies.