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I think she is a little unstable...her podcasts are not right for me. I agree with her former fan that reaching out to her "network" of fans and listeners, regardless of her current state of affairs, is an abuse of this type of forum. Was never clear if she was asking for money, so I must be fair, but that was the implication unfortunately. Asking for prayers and positive thoughts is wonderful but asking for money does raise eyebrows unfortunately and potentially preys on gullible people who just want to do the right thing.
Her topics are very informative! Dana did a reading for me on her podcast. Very accurate in describing the people & situation. She enlightened me to things that I was not able to see for myself. She provided exactly what the title states "guidance". Very helpful!!
Have been listening to Dana Marie's podcasts a number of times a week for the past couple of months, and I am inspired by and thankful for her work. Dana Marie is down to earth, and as comfortable to listen to as a trusted friend. More importantly, I feel that she is being used as an instrument of divine light and healing. I am noticing wonderful changes in my life. Thanks Dana!
Definitely a very helpful podcast with useful information anyone can use. I personally can relate to the idea of removing toxic/negative things and/or people weighing you down. Was something I needed to hear at that time. Thanks Dana!


Liked the meditation podcast. Going to her website now for a reading...