Growing in Grace

Reviews For Growing in Grace

First I thank God that He led Joe and Mike to do this. Their understanding of the scriptures is so clear I just wish I hadn’t been misled by so much legalistic teaching previously. I’ve listened to every podcast you have on and now have peace with God and a understanding of the scriptures that makes sense. Thanks
I’ve been a Christian a long time and I’ve gone through the whole religious gamut of the law and do good get good philosophy. My husband and I have gone through some tough times with our kids and realized there has to be more than what we’re getting so we begin to search for truth and God led us to some wonderful grace teachings and this podcast. I have green so much from Joel and Mike and they’re short messages. I ordered Mikes book and have thoroughly enjoyed it. We want to do a home group and teach this grace message. People need to hear this Too Good To Be True News of Gods Amazing Grace! Thank you for everything. Melissa - Oregon
I discovered Growing in Grace on “accident” but intentionally by God about over a year ago. This podcast has tremendously help me to hear the REAL Good News of Jesus Christ and what He actually has done for me. Also, this podcast helps teach me the new covenant perspective since I’m still a recovering religious and self righteous person who was oppressed and deceived by Christianity the RELIGION and I feel like every time I listen to an episode of this podcast, I am being introduced to TRUE Christianity. There have been a few things over the time since listening that I disagree with and isn’t right in my spirit. But, I like that the hosts admit they’re not always right about things and just talk. They’re humble and inviting. I can’t explain how much it helps me. For the most part, everything I hear is the truth and my spirit agrees and the Holy Spirit has used this podcast a lot to help me and set me free. I love they really focus on the difference between the old and new covenant and how they really are not the same and God has used that to open my eyes to see Who He really is for me, His heart and the New Covenant Good News in Jesus Christ. I feel like I’ve barely begun. The only thing I don’t like is the introduction music. PLEASE GET A NEW INTRODUCTION MUSIC. I don’t want to feel like I’m in an 80’s aerobics workout class....
I have been listening for 4 years now and have been fed by this message tremendously! Thank you for your commitment to getting the word of Grace out so eloquently.
Love this podcast! Thanks so much for uploading every week!
Joel & Mike really do "get" the Gospel of Grace and it's positively refreshing. Among a sea of voices of performance based (law) Christianity this program is a paradise island of encouragement, support and teaching on God's amazing grace. Way to go, guys!
These guys are refreshing to listen to in a sea of Christians who don't fully understand the grace that god has given us.