Fundamentals of Piano Practice

Reviews For Fundamentals of Piano Practice

I strongly recomend this metod for anyone who plays the piano. Since starting to apply Chuang C. Chang´s techniques to my piano practice eight months ago I am now able to play pieces that before I didn´t even think of trying. I even left my piano teacher because I was advancing at a very slow pace compared with this method. Of course, as with everything else in life, you have to make a commitment and work hard on the new method if you want to see results, but i'll tell you that is so much fun to practice this way that you are going to stop playing only because you are so tired.
At first I was hesitant, because I usually only like videocasts BUT this audiocast is perfect for my hobby of playing the keyboard and piano. The short tips on how to better practice and techniques are great. This is the best audio or video podcast I have found on learning piano for beginners to advanced.
Chang's book has really made a huge difference in my playing (this from someone who's been at it for more than 50 years). The book's available for free download (do the search) and has been translated into other languages. Henrik's audio version is well-done and gives another way of taking in a lot of great information. Especially useful when I'm commuting in the car. Thanks to Chuang and to Henrik!!
I downloaded every episode immediately once I saw this. I have read through some of Chuang C. Chang's work before, which is extremely thorough and amazingly helpful. These "Fundamentals of Piano Practice" are pure and solid gold. I just threw them on my iPod while I went and did some errands, but listening quite intently. I went and immediately applied as many of the tips as I could remember in my practice within the next few hours and found fantastic results. I had greatly reduced the stress and tension I have when I practice and play, and found that by doing some of theses techniques, I feel I got 150% out of my practice routine. Having all of these tips at your disposal in your pocket, with earphones really helps to hammer them home. Chuang C. Chang's advice is marvelous, just marvelous - and Henrik Pantle's reading brings them to life. Even if you play piano professionally, these tips will change your playing. I promise.