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The narration seems a little scripted... even if he is following a script, which is fine, he should JAZZ it up a little... otherwise cool show. I would recommend The Checkout however.
I love this podcast. It is so entertaining, informative, and inspiring. Keep 'em coming!
I have discoevered a few really good jazz artists whom I would never have discoevered otherwise, and I'm really into some of them now (Sunny Jain is just brilliant). The downside is they haven't uploaded any podcasts in a while now. Download what's here, but don't hold your breath for new stuff after that


By stuCc
This is not boring, this is artists talking about their art. The concepts discussed and the tunes that are played are great, modern jazz. New York is where it's happenning and if you can't appreciate the opportunity to hear modern composers from New York talk about what they do, then you probably need to think about why you play (if you play). Great work guys, but make more episodes....
These podcast is awesome, great music, smart talking, and excellent pacing. Bravo!!
I was really interested in the music but it got to be just talking heads. It's one thing to discuss your music but then when you finally get around to playing it, you still keep talking over the music, I mean, c'mon. Just let the music play. Over the course of this 45 minutes podcast they played only 3 songs, and rarely ever let a song play on for more than 10 seconds before talking over it. The guy ended up talking on and on forever but I never really got a sense of what his music is like. The podcast has potential, but only if they cut out the talking.