Reviews For SONIC TALK Podcasts

If you're into music gear, software or tech in general this is a great podcast/vidcast!
listen to the new episodes whenever my boss isn't watching me awesome stuff
This is the go-to podcast for the most up to date news on technology surrounding the music industry! Nuff said.
Long time listener. We've made a drinking game out of how many times "kind of" is said. :) Love the show
Thanks for the great show guys!
I love this show. The best non-music podcast about music. I mostly enjoy when the guests talk about how they make/made/performed music instead of sometimes random topics that don't help me learn how to make my music better. Rich Hilton is particularly articulate, plus the guy works for freaking Nile Rogers of Chic, so he is a wealth of information.
Nick and his highly qualified guests deliver from week to week a nice and fun overview of all new things that happen in the world of music technology: from new iphone music app to latest Roland/Korg/Yamaha synth. And they do it before you read about new products in magazines like SOS, Future Music, Keyboard and Em. Then they even have time left to cover analog can openers, modern mechanical devices that painlessly teach your kids piano and singing pianos. Great fun!!!
This is a wonderful, long running podcast that features working producers discussing the tricks, trade, and history of music production. Often funny, always informative, this is my don't miss podcast each week.
If you are interested in music technology, this show is great fun. The panelists have a variety of professional perspectives and provide a good mixture of news, opinions, anecdotes and humor.
Are you interested in the brave new world of digital music production but don't know where to start? The guys that put this show on have, for the most part, been at the heart of electronic music production, performance, and development for the better part of 20 years. They speak Logic, Yamaha, Akai, Moog, and lots of other languages and have a naturally skewed vision of the future based on their exploits in the past, including involvement on some of the past two decades' most influential and top selling records. My podcast highlight every week!
I love listening to SonicState's Podcast! Even though I am not in the music business, I like to know about what is going on. They present the information in an engaging fashion, in a way I can understand. I look forward to the podcasts each week. Great job, guys!
Sonic Talk is a witty romp through all things music. This show, which hails from the UK, is hosted by the sharp and genial Nick Batt. Nick, an experienced sound engineer and remix artist leads a humorous discussion each week with four or five other musos about such issues as: DRM and the RIAA, air guitar heroes, what Peter Gabriel has been up to lately, and strange noises you can do with a Furby. The guests are insiteful, funny, and best of all human. I look forward to this show each week. Keep it up!!