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Reviews For Avi Melman's Voice-Over Podcast

I started my VO career five years ago and there are times when it can be very frustrating. Avi's podcast helped me get through some of those moments where I felt like giving up. I'm not claiming that it's an inspirational-themed podcast or anything, but hearing from some of our VO peers talk about their journey was very encouraging. There does not seem to be any new content springing up anymore but Avi's podcast is definitely worth a listen. His recording quality is great. His guests are top notch voice actors that I guarantee you've heard before. Avi himself seems to put the guests at ease and draw out fun, meaningful, and useful conversations. I use Pat Fraley's mini spray bottle technique to this day and I've never heard that trick from anywhere else. Give this podcast a try. My favorite is the Holiday Special and Rochard Horvitz. Good stuff!
Thank you so much! This is great for any one who wants to find out on voice overs/acting! Richard, you are the mad man behind all of my favorite shows (idk how that happend, wierd.) you are the man who inspired me to go into voice acting and I pray that I am sucsessfull one day. And there is rikki too! The ham demon, the grim reaper, and Ford culler has blessed us with such an amazing podcast!
As a voiceover enthusiast in a would-be pursuit of a professional career in the business, I've found this podcast to be extremely helpful with understanding the fundamentals of voiceover. The testimonies of his highly-reknowned guests tell us listeners how the business deals with us, and how we deal with it. A great listen to anyone getting involved with the industry as well as fans of animation entertainment!
Avi, Your shows are missed. Head back to the studio, man! Best Wishes
I'm loving the quality, no scratching or anything, and having Richard Horvits and Rikki Simons as guests doesn't hurt either. Oh Rikki, the Ham Demon Lord has been brought to us by Avi, thank you for making such a wonderful podcast
Avi does an excellent job! I love the casualness of this show. It sounds like a chat between friends hanging out in the big comfy chairs by the fire with a glass of wine... or orange juice! :) Thanks for great shows and PLEASE keep them coming!!
As a home brew podcast guy myself I really appreciate the production quality of this show. Of course it helps to have a real studio and real sound engineers helping you! Still, a very casual and engaging show that feels intimate and personal. Anyone in the biz or aspiring voice actors will really enjoy this insightful show.