Reviews For A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens Audio Book

I listen to this recording twice a year. Just before Christmas and July.
The reader does an outstanding job with this classic tale, so much so that it transports you back to the time of Dickens... and Scrooge. I listen to this version every year to prepare for the Christmas season. Just wonderful!!


Wonderful. My family truly enjoyed it.
Absolute fantastic narration! I regret that I never read the actual book so I cannot comment on its completeness - however the SPIRIT of the story is solid and intact. What an incredibly well done effort.
It appears that Stave 2 is now complete.
I wrote to the e-mail address provided, and it appears that they have corrected Stave 2. :)
This my favorite story to read and now listen to but it's STILL missing a piece of the story at the end of Stave 2. How unfortunate, at the height of the excitement at Fezziwig's party and it cuts off. Can't this be fixed? I'd give it a higher rating but.... I'm holding back, too.
Loved this...good narration. Worth it!
Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this podcast. The narrator was not that good -- the volume varied greatly, with parts I could barely hear followed by very loud portions. Also, the narrator seemed to have trouble changing voices, with the voice of some characters hanging on into the next character's line. And then there is the issue of the incomplete Stave 2. If they could fix Stave 2, I would have given 4 stars.
We listen to this podcast in the car during our holiday outings. Definitely worth the download!
Fabulous reading! I have listented to several audiobook recordings of this book, and this one outshines them all. Unfortunately, stave 2 is incomplete, which is the only reason for not having a rating of 5. I do not understand why they would go through the trouble of doing the recording and then upload an incomplete file.
I am not done with this, but I finished listening to Stave 2, however, it was incomplete. The narrator is great; he also did Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.