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This radio show is both entertaining and enlightening. I also really enjoy the RSR podcast! Keep up the good work...
Than those he claims are hateful. How ironic. Never forgive. That's his motto. Like the devil. He's not a nice person at all. Judges everyone. Not what Jesus would do. He forgives....period.
I would pay for this, but it's free! Love it, thanks Bob.
Bob is a top notch Biblical teacher. I've been studying the Word and with Bob's Bible studies it all makes sense!


I have been going to Denver Bible Church for a couple months and have listening to Pastor Bob Enyart's show for a couple years. Furthermore my young wife and I have sought council with him! He in the short time we have talked, he has made a dramatic change in our lives and look forward to many more impacts.
Listen for three weeks and it will turn your life around.
Warning, warning, warning listening to Bob Enyart Live will provide you with a Christian education that you rarely find elsewhere. Be entertained as you learn how to apply Biblical principles to todays world and more importantly to your life. Learn how to rightly divide the word of truth and no longer be confused over doctrinal issues that trip up most Christians today. Listen and get hooked and you will find yourself more informed and better equipped to share God's word and His principles with anyone. If you are a non believer listen to Bob and you will come away with a different perspective of Christianity than you may have developed by observing modern Christians and the Church.
Yeah, this podcast is that's already a steal. If you don't enjoy Truth, you need to listen to something else like O'reilly, or Hannity, or Obama... But if you want the facts, subscribe and listen. Great stuff.
If you are satisfied with milk and are possibly lactose intolerant you are not going to like BEL. However, if you are ready for meat and potatoes you will love this STRAIGHT-forward "in your face" show. Bob takes callers head-on and never backs away from a debate. Give the show a week or two and you will be hooked!
I have learned so much listening to Bob Enyart. His take on life issues and how he applies those to the Bible is one of a kind. The consistency is all there too. I would encourage anyone to listen to his show.