Rick Steves' European Christmas (video)

Reviews For Rick Steves' European Christmas (video)

I was born in Poland and lived for ten years, watching this has brought back so many wonderful memories, I can still remember all those wonderful times when Christmas was less commercial and more about spending time with family.
Having lived in Rome for two years and having travelled in Europe during Christmas, this video brought back wonderful memories of the ways in which this holiday is embraced and celebrated. Less emphasis on commercialism and more on family and the spiritual are what European Christmas’ are about. LOVED the video with its depiction of what I enjoyed about my European experience.
Rick Steves captures the wonderful Christmas traditions around Europe. We watch this every Christmas season
Rick Steves, while sometimes overly "American" in his views of his destinations, has succeesed in creating a magical (yes, magical) version of the varied Christmas traditions across Europe. I love this podcast, and I am surprised this is free!!!
Travel is brilliant! Travel at Christmas is dead brilliant! We have been to England three times over Christmas and New Year's and never been disappointed with the experience. These podcasts are dead on the experiences to be had by the winter holiday traveler. Enjoy them in the armchair now and then take Rick's advice and travel - be part of the world and a good ambassador for your country. 'Happy travels.'
I have always enjoyed Rick Steves European Travels and when I stumbled across European Christmas I knew I had to have it. I hope those of you who purchase this DVD collection enjoy it as much as my family has. I have spent Christmas w/ my relatives before in Bavaria and seeing Rick's Christmas collection, it brought back wonderful memories.
Forget the crowds and high prices of summertime in Europe. Lower hotel rates, air fares and small crowds make it a great time to travel. Just bundle up and enjoy all the festivities. My first trip to Germany and Austria was during this season. The series should give you a great idea of the beauty of enjoying Christmas with all the fantastic decorations, music and delicious foods. Grab these free shows while you can and watch it on your way to the fantastic Christmas markets that can be found in all the major cities. A wonderful addition to iTunes!
I LOVE Rick Steves his videos are SOOO informative and GREAT for teaching my students about the world and other customs! Bravo!
What a wonderful way to celebrate the upcoming Christmas season! I have long been a fan of Rick's travel programs on PBS. When do we get the next one in the series?