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Talk faster already! Who has the time for this!
Great podcast On episode 4 Those who have a problem with God are the ones who are miserable, let go and let God.
And if you don’t like that you have the freedom to change the station
Fantastic advice! Short & to the point. Listen daily. It truly helped me change my perspective and behavior. Thank you!
-1 star for the theology/Christianity because it didn’t add, and actually took away, from the great evidence-based and practical tips. It seemed really out of place.
The description of the podcast should say that it’s a faith based podcast. If you’re proud of it why not include it? Otherwise it becomes misleading
Lynette does a fantastic job sharing about every day life situations by applying a faith-based structure. You don't need to be a Christian to understand her message. Bravo!
If you need real help and are willing to show up and so real work on yourself, then skip this series. If you think the bible is going to change you magically by praying all your problems away, then be your lazy self and listen to this crap.
just telling me to read the gospel
Excellent content and intelligent, calming and practical information. Really helpful to understand "why" someone can think anger is the answer.
Her voice is so calm - and her lessons are so focused. She gives the angry person tips to diffuse anger in a clear and succinct manner. I am so pleased with them - and they were free! Thank God for her. These lessons are a good start for anyone - especially chronically angry people!
Let's face it, we all get angry but how often are we proud of our behavior when we have gotten angry? This series of podcasts, based on Lynette Hoy's book, demostrate's her understanding of the triggers that set off our anger. More importantly, she discusses how to disarm those triggers and respond properly. The title of the series implies there is something good about anger and Lynette covers that point. She talks about how anger is not sinful in itself, but how we handle the anger could be.