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Joseph does a variety of topics and types of podcast episodes. The reviews are my favorite, but the general knowledge I gain is available in every episode. This podcast should be in every Bond aficionados library. I've been listening since the beginning, but I just realized I never gave it it's deserved rating. Keep it Mr. Darlington. 🍸
With his new Friday interviews/conversations Joe has done an amazing job with taking the podcast to the level which all other Bond podcasts must be measured. Production quality is top-notch. When teamed with his side-kick, Scott they consistently deliver outstanding material, insight and plenty of laughs. Bravo, Joe! p.s. Scott should consider his own movie review podcast and/YouTube channel. His keen movie insight and knowledge coupled with unique voice and look would be a welcomed addition to the podcast world!
I love bond since I was 8 years old I’m 19 now... I adore bond and bond things so thank you for giving us the bond fix we need....
I tried the first episode. The presenter was rushed, juvenile and repetitive. An editor and a different voice maybe needed. After repeating that he would make a long story short four times in less than fifteen minutes , he did for me. I turned it off. Too many good, well presented podcasts out there for me to waste my time on this drivel. Go take another drive across Europe.
If your interested enough to be reading this, then you will love the Being James Bond. It is an excellent podcast on interesting topics from a Bond perspective. Give it a go and you will love it.
I have been listening to this podcast since nearly it’s inception. I continues to please and improves with time. Although, I don’t always agrees with some of the views of HOS or Scott (Spectre was amazing, not just good and “Another Way to Die” is an under appreciated song), I really enjoy hearing the views of the guys and it makes my exercises time much more pleasant. I truly hope that HOS and the crew continue this 8+ year trek and continue to live like James Bond…...
This was my favorite Podcast a few years back! It's very well made, a great breakdown of a fulfilling lifestyle, and an amazing listen! I'm very very excited that it's back.
Really like this podcast. It has been a while since new episodes have come out but the new guest hosts are doing a great job. Can't wait till HOS comes back for some new episodes. Just in time for Spectre.
These are some of the best summaries of what it means to live a cool, healthy and sophisticated lifestyle. As the motto says, if James Bond can do so can you.
Very inspiring and informative!
One of my favorites, as a long time Bond fan I love all the content I just wish there was more of it!
Life is not just about great drinks and beautiful women, life is about satisfaction on all levels. Personal economics, social attributes and physical upgrading are all covered In this terrific podcast. The topics are well researched and well taught, even though HoS claims to not be a "teacher but a humble student" he focuses in all the parts of life that many of us hold dear, and wish to enrich..experiences, motivation and becoming a more complete individual.
An absolute treat to have someone so professional and dedicated to sharing great ideas to other Bond fanatics. An unselfish, content-rich podcast that gets me through my work days. It would be a dream to do these podcasts for a job.


This is one of my favorite podcasts. The effort that the host puts in is amazing. Interesting to the casual fan as well as the fanatic. Keep up the great work.
Being really the only updated James Bond podcast, I was a bit skeptical, expecting someone who simply focused on the films without the novels, or go on huge tangents that are unfortunately common here on ITunes. Hell, was I wrong! Great quality podcast, great host, and really a great experience worth listening for any Bond fans. Trust me guys, the gist KNOWS his stuff.
It could be good if you would stop making excuses for not doing more podcasts. Just be honest in the first place and tell us you are running out of ideas and/or you're just too lazy to actually follow up with what you started. Bond wouldn't act like that...
This is about so much more than just being Bond, this is about being the best you! It will help you be the man you want to be!
Hey, don't sweat the criticism about the late shows, I'm just glad you're back! I love the podcast and it's really getting me in the mood for Quantum of Solace!!
Being James Bond is amazing. Head Of Section explains in quite detail about multiple subjects that teaches you amazing facts about everything James Bond in actuallity. With Head Of Section's podcasts, you could head out and do Bond moves yourself.
I just discovered this podcast, and I'm having a great time catching up by listening to all of the back-episodes. If you ever wanted to be James Bond (and really, who hasn't??), this podcast is highly recommended!
Head of Section really brings all the topics that he covers down to earth. He also has fantastic interviews with people like Paul Kyriazi, the author of How To Live The James Bond Lifestyle, and Sandy Shepard, the author of fEmpowerment: A Guide To Unleashing Your Inner Bond Girl. Also, while the podcasts are very few and far between, Head of Section really makes them worth the wait. Head of Section, I hope to hear my review on your next podcast. I'm BJAgent700 on the BJB boards! --BJ
I have to so I absolutely love this podcast. I've been listening since the first episode and have only been more impressed with each episode following. I was raised on the James Bond movies and so I have a certain closeness to the series and once I found out about Head of Section's love for the franchise I couldn't help but give it a listen. This podcast is one of my favoites, awesome quality and great discussion are always included. I recommend this to all of my Bond guys/gals!
Head of Section, Thank you so much for your great Podcasts. You really hit all of the best elements of James Bond and I really enjoy everyone of your Podcasts. I can't wait for the next one!! Keep up the great work.
This series of Podcasts is great. If you're a fan of James Bond and you want to be a bit more like him this podcast is for you! Head of Section breaks things down in a easy to understand way that leaves you thirsting for more not overwhelmed. The sound quality and editing are top notch. The Interviews and reviews are also great and something that we Bond fans don't get a lot of anywhere else. If you want to take small steps to being a better Bond (or person) then there is no person better to guide you then Head of Section!
This is a great podcast for casual as well as die-hard Bond fans. Host Head of Section delves deep into great topics regarding the movies and the character of James Bond. From things to do in Bond cities to what you can do in your own life to be more like Bond, it's top notch information and very entertaining!
I think Head of Section is the best podcast host on itunes, he keeps you intrested in topics you may not normally go out of your way to hear about. And you cant go wrong with James Bond! P.S. Check out the BJB forums too.
this is a amazing podcast. i highly reccomnd to all james bond fans.
If you are a James Bond fan, or if you want to brush up on any of the types of skills and abilities that Bond makes look so easy, this is the podcast for you. It's a very enjoyable podcast.
best podcast I've seen yet
This podcast is PERFECT. HOS knows his stuff and delivers it in an clever and exciting way. Great job!!
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By wcasler
This site ROCKS!!!!!! Great job, I always wanted to be a fireman; but now I want to be James Bond (and I now can)..
The variety and liveliness of this podcast makes its one not to miss. Head of Sections energetic and fun read plus his obvious passion for 007 keeps me listening, even when the talk is of portions of the Bond world that do not interest me. Technically, the music adds greatly to the professional-sound of the podcast and the vocal part is clear and easy to understand. A winner from start to finish.
Even though I am pretty young I REALLY enjoy anything that has to be with James Bond. When I first saw the movies I liked them alot. Now that there is podcast that is actually GREAT, I can listen to James Bond stuff on my Ipod! Anyone who really likes James Bond has to get this COOL podcast! P.S. Head of Section please mention my review in a podcast. Please :)
Narrator “Head of Section” does a wonderful job presenting this enjoyable, nicely edited, professional audio show. Well-spoken Head of Section brings enthusiasm, research, and a genuine admiration for his topic. He discusses the Bond franchise, the films, the books, and the qualities that make the character so interesting. This is fertile ground for everything from movie reviews to philosophy on life. Great show!
it's prity good but not what I was looking for look for the james bond audio james bond to the end pats they're good it's great itunes
Fantastic idea, used to spend lunchtimes in Geneva talking about Bond films with one of my colleagues and agree OHMSS is the best bond film ever.
Now, I'm a Bond fan, so that may color some of my views here. Head of Section has put together one of the best podcasts I've ever heard. Everyone who's ever read a Fleming novel or watched a Bond movie has wondered if he could make his life more interesting by being more like James Bond. While we can't all be secret agents (and if we were our lives would certainly not be as interesting as Bond's), Head of Section has nailed down the various things that make James Bond what he is and presents ways to make our lives a little more Bond-like. He combines his vast knowledge of all things Bondian with great research to present quality, usable information. He also isn't afraid to delve away from the main topic of being more like Bond and talk about the movies themselves. He and his friend Scott, a general movie buff who knows the movies as well, make great foils for each other as they discuss the various movies and address them from the points of view of both a serious fan and of a general movie fan. If you'd like to learn more about James Bond, have more fun with your life, and generally listen to a really interesting guy talk about a lot of really interesting topics, this is your podcast.
I've been waiting for a decent James Bond podcast for quite sometime, and am very fortuante to have come across this in time for the first podcast. This podcast is nothing short of remarkable. Head of Section is a highly intelligent and well informed fan of the James Bond character and does an excellent job in helping the listener fulfill the ultimate fantasy which is being James Bond. His enthusiasm is sure to inspire you and when he is joined with his friend Scott for reviews of the movies you are in for quite the treat! One of the most enjoyable podcasts around and keeps on getting better!
Hah, excellent podcast. What a wonderful narrator! This shares the essence of Bond.