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..but can definitely get better! Wish the episodes will be longer and have more detailed information to help everyone who wants to attract more success into their lives.
I love this podcast. I'm a huge fan of the Law of Attraction and this podcast has been helping me a lot to improve my life. A must listen.
I like the law of attraction and it's great hearing it discussed here. I was obviously attracted to this podcast and I'm glad I'm here!
This show is new and improved. Check it out! Great stuff
Love this podcast. A terrific mix and yet balanced with great takeaways and tips. Keep it coming!
Love your show, keep up the awesome tips!
Just listened to one episode about going from being scattered to focus..... In the last 10 minutes the interview basically turned into an infomercial to sell a set of $400 cd's. Don't waste your time.
The fake laugh & voice gets in the way of a powerful message.
I really LOVE this show and I always look forward to the next podcast. I love her LOA tips (which are easy to understand, simple to follow and easy to actually APPLY to your life) and she has a great energy too! Karen is awesome! :)
It's free and still not worth it.
Very clear to understand, and very informative, I am glad I had the opportunity to listen . I really enjoyed it! thank you for your work !
Karen gives a simplistic look at the Law of Attraction. Anyone that would provide information like this free is doing a service to humanity and I applaud her for it.
These podcasts are extremely short and she wastes a lot of time with introductions and other "chit chat" before she finally gets down to it, usually in the final few minutes. Some good ideas, but not worth the time.
I have been practicing the LOA for over 2 years. Nothing this woman said is anything I haven't heard from other teachers..the main difference is that Karen can't arrticulate a thought as well as the others. Don't bother with this. Look for other teachers (Abraham, etc) that don't parrot someone else
I am subscribing for comedic value. I can't believe people believe this tripe.
This is a great podcast!! It's like the secret but goes into more detail. It's free.... why not listen???
This is great information. Yes, it is very similar to the information in "The Secret", which is a great DVD worth investing in, but that is because they are talking about the same idea/subject. I think it is very easy to understand and thorough, not to be viewed as only a supplement to "The Secret." I am grateful that I have attracted these podcasts into my life. Thanks! ~Sara ps. The host gives credit to "The Secret" and offers a link its website on her website, for those interested in checking it out.
karen lays out the 5 steps in attracting what you want. it definitely works and i have proof of the law of attraction working in my life. what you focus on will always expand and karen does a great job of breaking down the simple steps to get started using this powerful law!
I could barely get through one.
I wouldn't waste you time looking for the answer to life here. This podcast is just one more example of how gullible humans are. The secret behind "The Secret" is that Americans are foolish. There is NO scientific proof that any of this mumbo-jumbo is true and yet, folks flock to it. Whatever - enjoy your little faux reality - back here on planet Earth, life goes on. Here's a tip - you cannot think a good parking space into being. If one is there, take it, otherwise, the walk won't hurt you!
This has become my favorite podcast. I really enjoy Karen's upbeat attitude and she gets into some of the deeper issues involved in the law of attraction. Her work is really inspiring me these days. Thanks, Karen!
I am on my second listen through all of the tips! Great suggestions! Listen and succeed!
What I like about this Podcast is that its short and to the point. I can thow it on and get what I need to get myself back on track quickly without having to sit through hours of audio. Great job Karen!
Where's the next episode?? Good podcast but it could be better if it were more frequent.
If you really want a great podcast on the law of attraction, I recommend ThinkBank. The podcasts are uploaded regularly (unlike these, the mark of an amateur), and the knowledge imparted really explains what the law of attraction is about. Karen's information is vague at best, and mostly taken from "The Secret." Nothing new.

By BexLB
These are great. I'm really looking forward to more podcasts from Karen. She is so easy to understand. Anytime anyone talked about The Secret, I would roll my eyes and cover my ears. These podcasts have made me a believer in the Law of Attraction.
I enjoy Karen's concise and easy-to-understand way of explaining this complex subject! I only wish they were more frequent!! Thanks!
It seems like she watched the movie "the secret" and wrote down what she liked. She adds in some of her own little ideas about what she thinks the law of attraction is all about but they contradict the main idea of the law of attraction! If you want to know about the Law of attraction buy "the secret" and you will see that you do not want to focus on what you don't want like Karen Luniw says in Episode 3 of her Podcast. You will also see that she stole most of the things people said in the secret word for word and most of the scenarios too. Be a little more original Karen! Trust me this is misinformation, go out and buy "the secret" if you want to know about the right way to do it
Karen, keep up the good work... your cheerful disposition is refreshing! As a colleague, speaker, trainer, author, and coach, I have discovered an essential truth: It doesn't matter how good you are, how well intentioned, how honest, how honorable, or how accurate... some people will like you, and some won't. There will always be the naysayers around trying to drain the life out of people like you, Karen, who are trying to make a positive difference. The challenge is to not let them win. As for the naysayers, rather than complain about petty issues, focus on being part of the solution and not the problem. Karen, be true to who you are and keep up your great work! -- Doug Kelley
I am really sorry but I couldn't get past the fact that Karen Luniw's delivery of her information was bland, boring, and downright horrible! The idea of a podcast is to be informed AND entertained, it sounds like Ms Luniw just reads from a script the whole time! It was really dry and boring.
This is an obvious attempt to spiritualize your greed. You visualized cars, decks, parking spaces - could your dreams be any more petty?? Please don't waste your time on this nonsense.
This podcast is very simple to understand and apply to your life. It's a great tool for life and I recommend this to anyone.
Karen's podcasts are great. She takes the Law of Attraction and breaks it into small digestible parts. Her tone of voice is easy to listen to. The length of the podcasts are not too long...just perfect for my attention span. I highly recommend this podcast for increasing your knowledge and understanding of the Law of Attraction.
The info you are giving is very very helpful in my effort to learn more about the Law of Attraction! I'm driving my new Chysler 300! Thanks to the Law of Attraction, it is what I wanted, but when i got it it was much more than I would have ever thought. The same car I had on my pC screen saver for 3 months. Same color, Same wheels, sun roof and the Hemi! I was only looking to get the basics, but the law of Attraction goes up and beyond! I know now that the Law of Attraction has nothing to do with Dollars!
I think Karen's presentation is a bit choppy to really sit back and enjoy the content. The information is targeted and applicable with real world examples so it's worth struggling through her occasional stumble of words, but a cleaner, more polished presentation would make this something worth sharing with everyone I know.
I enjoy your material and the presentation, very well done. Keep 'em coming!
This is great for our study group on The Secret. Karen is upbeat, good speaker and gives good tips on how to apply the principles of The Secret.
The Universe is infinitely hard to comprehend. Karen Luniw makes it a little easier to understand how and why things happen in life. Go ahead, utilize the Law of Attraction in your life and see just how awesome it really is!
What I like about Karen’s show is that she puts it into terms that we all can understand. Like on episode 2 when she talks about visualizing the parking space. She doesn’t just say visualize it and you will attract it. She discussed what her process was to create it and I found it very helpful with the things I want to create and have been having trouble with. Thank you Karen!!!!
I bought the movie, The Secret, back in November 2006, and I have seen it several times since then!!! Now I have happened upon Karen's tips which are a really good supplement to the movie. Thanks Karen! : )