Pullman, Paolini, Pierce Interview

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These authors have helped definied my childhood through literature. Philip Pullman has been one of my very favorite authors since childhood, though I'm not sure I really fully understood much of his writing at age 12, the dark materials series appealed to me in such a sincere way. I have been seriously attached to Tamora Pierce's Tortall series' since elenentary school as well, the entire concept is so special and so well executed. I'm 18 and I actually found this podcast on Tammy's site after rereading The Song of the Lioness quartet. And I have nothing but utmost respect for the incredibly thorough and magical world of Christopher Paolini, people everywhere should aspire to his talent in story telling. Give this podcast a listen, you will not be dissapointed.
Great! Very interesting, short, relevent bits of information. Just download it and if you don't like it delete it. It's free! I wish there was a lot more, though I want new books by these people more than podcasts.


By 0019
i am a huge fantisy(sp) fan and this is great
My big complaint is how an imbecile like Christopher Paolini is talking as an equal with two of the greatest authors of our time. It's rather disgraceful.
Pullman and Pierce are solid gold. Paolini is a bit pretentious and also a hack.
This is a great podcast. Tamora Pierce is my favorite author and after listening to this I want to go out and buy books from the other authors as well. This is great for everyone to listen to , especially people who are interested in writing!!!!!!! A+
This podcast is great! The authors discuss points that their books have in common, and have a few laughs aong the way. It's worth the download, definitely.
these authors are genius. that is all i have to say. pure, simple genius.