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I love all the kappa mikey shows they were my favorite I wanted to get these shows out of Itunes or buy them from movie stores but they are nowhere to be found and ever since then I wanted to get those copies for along time and if there is any why someone knows how to please let me know.
..now i freaking want a song album from it! Dx
Kappa Mikey was the best thing that ever happened to Nicktoons
Hey people dont u want Kappa Mikey back on tv well so do I leave a comment on why we should have It back on tv my reason is its a awesome show with funny moments and cool introductions please leave a comment on why we should have It put back on tv please
Kappa Mikey is so awesome and I remember watching it everytime it was on! :) miss it
I liked. Kappa mikey since2003 to the end
I love kappa mikey use to watch it every 7:30cnt untill that new show wolverine!!!! nothing beats kappa mikey!!!! not even an alwsome show!!!


By komiko
I LOVE KAPPA MIKEY!!! its so stupid that its funny and i watch every eppy that comes on^^
I have liked this show for a while and its awesome. those of u who want to know the name of their theme song its Hey x2 Look x2 . if that doesnt work i kno 4 sure that the bands name is the "beat crusaders"


I love these podcasts but since I only have an ipod nano I can't put them on there, so I'm hoping you can come up with some Kappa Mikey songs soon!
I love the show, and I watch it whenever it comes on. These podcasts are great, even though we can't get the full show. It would be great if they had the theme song!