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It’s good but wth is it???


Make more episodes
Hey I’m 12 with brown hair and brown eyes. Plain ol’ brunette 😂. Anyways I’ve got a few friends but I rlly want more than just friends. I’m in Northeast Texas in a small town called Aledo, NOT Texan by the way. Also my favorite video is the one that the guy does the girl voice!!! He did soooo good! The videos were pretty short but they r a good weird 😆.
Hey I am a 13year old boyI have brown hair and blue eyes if any one wants me to be there boy friend text me at +12065125247
This is a noice podcast, plz make more!! Is it just me, or are there only 7 or 8 that I can see, and there’s 680 something episodes!!


By buns28
make more please
All you haters be nice. They must work hard and there videos are good. All you haters are so ungrateful. 😡😡😡😡😡 By the way I love these videos.❤️😊 Pls do more videos 🥺🥺🥺
Then have not posted in 2014!!!! And they make the videos so short like wth
These videos are short and don’t have many clips so if you could please add more but I do also like the visual
Please make longer videos. My favorite one was when Matt had a Girl voice, IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE
Please make more. You don’t have very many videos and they are very short. If you could maybe add more? Thanks!!
Can you reupload the old videos.
Dayana hadad
I did like it. But it's jan 25 of 2015 and the last was august of 2014. It's dead
I'm a newbie to podcasts , only two weeks in so searching for the best 50 to 100 . So far I've watched three of these and I'm disappointed. I thought it would be funny videos and/or the ones that go viral like Asian lady taking a dump in elevator or parents prancing their kids that their Halloween candy is gone etc but so far it was painting a bus stop sign by hand ( dull dull dull) and rebok Nike wasn't funny either I'm hoping that it was just an off time and they'll get better I'll give it a month trial before I decide to stay subscribed or not .


By Candila
Used to be good. Had a video every week. Now comes out with a video every couple of months and by then you've already seen it from YouTube, Break or Chive.
The podcast doesn't update as often as I'd like. Back in December they said they were switching servers. 5 months later, no updated videos.
I do love the variation within the videos, but it seems that I cannot download videos that are more than 100 episodes away from the latest. Can you even download the earlier ones?
No recent post for a while now… ???
Make a Skype laughter chain. That's the best. It'd make me reallllyy HAPPPY! XD thank you! Bye Bye My Loves
funny awesome and awesomelyfunny
Went from a weekly vidcast, to a single video a month. Not really worthwhile, if this is the new format.


episode 635 keeps freezing on my computer! Ugh!
I have never seen any of these but there good but theres so many is confusing 112680:36


By KBT3333
Some of the videos are great! It's worth downloading!
Can't you guys put up more than a video per month anymore?


This podcast is awesome they should put up more like once or twice a week. :)
I love this! But I wish they had more😥
The "angry garbage man" was filmed by the man on the garbage truck at his own house. He successfully sent a message to upper management about what a disgruntled employee is cable of to anonymous citizens..... I think. BUT I KNOW IT WAS STAGED AND THE MAN SUCCESSFULLY GOT HIS POIT ACROSS.. Whatever it was.
Actually one of the best podcasts ever
So awesome
I found a lot of great videos this way. Alas, of only they shows up more often. Still it's friggin awesome!
This is so awesome! :D It's perfect for boring moments!!!


I'm kind of sad because I remember when there was a video put out every 3 days and I would like to watch these long videos, but now they are short videos that come out once every 2 weeks.
More videos more often!!!
I love these but I wish there was more...
This stuff is so funny!
Great videos! But there could be a lot more...
I can only watch 100 of them. :/ I love the videos and wish I could watch more
These used to come out every few days; at least once a week. Why is there now such a gap between postings?
Good, well worth your time and bandwidth.