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Great weekly podcast to listen to. My second favorite next to apple keynotes.
Mike has an enjoyably understated demeanor which is complemented well by the ever excellent Gazmaz. A fun podcast with genuinely good people.
Fantastic! This podcast has everything: Mac news, commentary, technical help, and how-tos. Any time Apple makes changes in the OS, Mike is right there to explain how to upgrade and accommodate the changes. Best of all, along with the expertise, he has a pleasant and relaxing voice to listen to.


Best podcast ever!!!!!!!!! 😃😃😃
I want to recommend a fantastic set of 7 podcasts (two are videos!) from For Mac Eyes Only that get you ready to consider lion, then if you do want Lion then help you prepare, then help you install, then give you an idea of what you will find and then...give you report outs of what actual users in the community have learned liked and disliked or found confusing. These are podcasts that I am SAVING having not quite gotten to Lion yet and not letting itunes delete just because I've listened one time! They are: 7/2/11 On the Road to Lion 7/9/11 Lion: We're prepared to Launch 7/16/11 Lion: should you go or should you stay 7/23/11 Two of them on FMEO.TV how to create an install "disc or drive" from the app store download - videos! 7/30/11: Listeners On Lion with - what happens if you take the plunge. Thanks Mike for your conversational style and the forums on your website as well.
At times this can get too technical with a bunch of numbers dot numbers dot numbers thrown in; but all in all, I learn a lot. Basically this is a Mac 101 class with no quizzes! Try it out, you'll learn something new every week.
Thanks for the great Podcast: I have been listing for a little while now and have fond this Podcast to be both informative and fun to listen to, keep up the great work.
Professional presentation of pertinent news and tips. Clear, concise, and consistent with little overhead.
FMEO is simply the best all around Mac podcast!
Mike has a great show for anyone interested in Macs. His is very even natured and fair to all sides of any topic. His information is great and always helpful. His assistants bring good information and different personality to the show. I look forward to the new shows because I know it will always be an informative show without being just a news cast. It has character! Never over the top, even when he believes strongly on something and always trying to examine all sides of the topic, Mike is a great source for me to learn about all things Mac. Give it a listen and you'll see, it's hard to beat FMEO.
Hello my name is Raul Im lisent to the show every day at Work on my iPhone i a exelent show love it.
LoveLoveLove this podcast. I have learned so much. Great balance of news, tips and other things. Audio is excellent and show is well produced.
Actually I really love his show. I have three Mac-related podcasts that I don't miss. This is number ONE! But FMEO can receive an additional rating "STAR" if Mike can exercise some tough love and trim (truthfully: cut out) the time he allocates to the other contributors to this show. I don't think they add very much and often detract. If Mike doesn't want to carry the show all by himself, he might try rotating in-and-out a list of wannabe podcasters. An Example: There is a sports podcast on ESPN (PTI: Pardon the Interruption) that uses a rotating cast in addition to the show's two main talking heads. A couple of these contributors have risen to the top and often add more cogent insights than the two Stars. Others who have appeared have kind of fallen to the side and over time you hear less and less from them. I'd like to hear more Mac How-Tos & Tips rather than recommendations for ostensibly "KOOL" websites. I try to remember that FMEO and other podcasts are avocations...not occupations for a lot of these podcasters. But Mike produces a program that sounds like a pro is running the ship!
This is definitely a great show, it has a of information, quick tips regarding your macs'. I highly recommend these podcast to all.
listening to it for over an year ever since i got my first mac and have found it very useful. mike has also always been able to resolve my problem whenever i've emailed it to him. he's an extremely helpful and responsive podcaster. i'm all the time looking forward to the next show.
as a newbie, i find this podcast very helpful to get acquainted with a mac. knowledgeable and pleasant. worth the time to listen to for me.
Very informative, covering all aspects of the Mac experience. Also, has a very helpful section of the podcast at the end where he answers listeners questions. He has answered my questions several times in an easy to understand way. Keep up the great work!!
This is a very good podcast if you are looking to learn some very useful things. Thanks Michael for a great podcast. Also Gary does a great job of giving his European / Britain views as well.
If you are like me you have subscribed to many MAC podcasts over time. I currently have subscriptions to over 10 such podcasts at this time. What makes this one a winner is that I always seem to find much to enjoy about each and every podcast. Many of the others seem to get hung up on specific items or wonder in their scope but this one always seems to get may attention. It is one of the 3 or 4 that I never miss listening to and never seem to mark "Not New" just to get it off my list. Thank you for all the effort and dedication that shows in this podcast. Chuck
I've listened to several of the leading Apple/Mac/etc. podcasts, but this one is simply the best for timely, accurate, engaging, and - dare I say - entertaining information. (I say the latter because, on the surface, Mike would normally not be considered "entertaining" - his delivery is quite tame & sober, i.e. he sounds more like Mr. Rogers than he does a disk jockey. But he's the only one I trust to give me just the facts & opinions (occasionally couched in a bit of sly humor). He's the consumate professional! I look forward to all of his weekly segments. ENJOY!!
One of the very best Mac related podcasts that I listen to. Mike Potter and Gazmaz make it a delight.
All I can say is that Mike Potter and his crew does a remarkable job at covering the lastest Mac news and does it with so much more. Not only is it the weekly news, he also covers how-to's, reviews and listener's emails. I have learned new things from this show and I have also had him answer some of my questions. The show is easy to listen to. I look forward to getting it each week. I would highly recommend this podcast to everyone!!!
I LOVE this podcast. I would recommend this podcast over all the other Mac podcasts out there. They always bring up what any real Mac fan wants. Mike does a great job and so does Gary. Hope they keep on doing what there already doing!
i've been listening to this podcast for quite a while and i just love it. Mike is a smooth talker, always bringing knowledge to the table. His perspective when it comes to mac realted topics is always right on point. The audio is great and the different segements throughout the show make this podcast my favorite one. Mike is always taking the time to read and answer our questions. Keep up the great work mike !!!
Very useful content and pleasant listening.
I love this podcast - and it especially impressed me with how the host handled the recent hiccups that Apple has been having. Rather than dogpile on Apple bashing that seems to be happening, he handled the topic in a way that keeps tension out of the community.
This is a superb podcast. I'm a switcher and have found here an enormous amount of useful information to help guide the transition. However, the show covers topics and technical information geared for veterans, too. Mike paces the episodes extremely well and weaves together elements of news, technical instruction, industry observation, history and subtle humor seamlessly. For Mac Eyes Only entertains and is packed with quality content -- highly recommended.
For mac eyes only is the perfect podcast for any mac user who wants to stay up to date on all "mac related news and events". The host, Michael Potter, is your go to guy on all mac related questions. He keeps the show well paced and interesting as he divides the show into several sections and brings in all the news from across the globe. Willing to answer any question and share it with the group, Michael leads the growth of our mac community by teaching and inspiring us. Subscribe without question, listen when you can, and you'll, not once, regret it.
i love listening to this professional well done show. michael potterʻs opinions and views on the topics are fair and honest and the podcast is alway up to date with the latest news. tips and hints are awesome.
this podcast is a reallly good podcast if you like apple, macs, iphone,ipod touch then you will love this podcast I WHOULD GIVE THIS PODCAST 6 STARS IF 1 COULD
great podcast keeps me up to date with all my Apple News and the Quick Tips are so helpful. Would be nice to have it more than once a week though. (O Well You Can't have Everything)
My only complaint about this podcast is it isn't published daily! Michael, keep up the great work!
I listen to nearly all of the Mac podcasts, and this one is right up there with the best of them. Michael gets right to the news and info that pertains Mac users for the week. The delivery and tempo of the podcast is good, and this is one I look forward to every week!
For Mac Eyes Only is a great podcast for the new mac user or even the advanced user wanting to brush up on their mac skills. His news coverage and tips are very valueable to listen to and learn from. Mike delivers a wonderful show and it is one of the best mac podcast avaiable on itunes. Be sure and subscribe today!!!
A down - to - Earth, user friendly podcast for Mac fans, whether you're a newbie or an old hand at Mac OSX. Michael Potter gives a straightforward, no nonsense look at everything in the world of Apple, and his enthusiasm for the Mac platform is obvious. What I especially enjoy is the fact that there is not a trace of arrogance, no celebrity wannabe. This podcast is hosted by a guy who wants to share his interest of Apple technology with the rest of us. This is a great podcast.
This is the best Mac podcast I've found. Mike covers news, reviews and tips that are interesting to both new and more experienced Mac users. I learn something new each time and look forward to listening to the next episode.
Truely a refined publication, For Mac Eyes Only is a straight-forward news-based podcast covering every aspect concerning the World Of Apple. FMEO makes a pleasant addition to any iTunes library.
A really great podcast. Good information and great presentation. Very enjoyable - subscribe now so you don't miss a single episode!
has a great, easy going style that allows me to listen while working...
Great podcast on getting information about new mac products or programs. Mike also gives a no non sense approach to giving tips and reviews of products and/or programs. I look forward to his weekly podcasts. Great show.
Interesting source for Apple information without annoying music and extraneous comments.
I would rate For Mac Eyes Only as one of the best mac podcasts. Michael Potter covers both software and hardware areas of interest to the Mac community and also sums up most of the important mac news. He is very pleasant to listen to with the right touch of humour and seriousness. I look forward to the podcast every week.