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These podcasts were a great find. The narrator makes each discussion engaging through both voice and presentation. So happy to find them as they'll make a great addition to my Non-Western Art History course. Plus their a breath of fresh air next to typical class lectures. Thanks AAP!
So pleased to have discovered this series of podcasts. The host combines discussions with images and references to collections in musuems both in the States and abroad. His style is direct and approachable: altogether a delight to experience. I've been haunting the "additional resources" on the website as well.


Everything littlebrownmouse said. Entertaining, fun, great production details, yet never dumbed down.
Clearly, an exceptional amount of time and effort goes into these podcasts. Well scripted, but doesn't sound like someone reading you a lecture. Truly excellent presentation, great images, and enjoyable even to someone who knows nothing at all about ancient art. Take the time to have a listen.