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With great discussions about the past week in wrestling, great segments like Remember When, and an eagerness to ENJOY wrestling, Wrestling Mayhem Show packs a powerful Big Show punch minus the constant back and forth face/heel turns.
A GREAT wrestling podcast! Not your typical, tired show-review format. Refreshing and funny opinions from guys who know wrestling, but don't take it too seriously. Always interacting with listeners. It's awesome!
I have been a wrestling fan for about 20 years. I will say that I do not keep up with the tv shows nor ppvs as often as I use to. The main reason I like to listen to various wrestlng podcasts is for nostalgia and to keep up with something that I have enjoyed. This guy Chachi (sp?) spent almost every minute he was able to speak stating how much he hated wrestling. It was not done in a fun way nor a critical way just a serious angry depressed way. When he was not talking about how much he hated wrestling or disagreeing with the other hosts he discussed wanting to beat up some old Asian lady. I have no problem with talking about what you dislike or what is "wrong", but if you clearly hate wrestling why bother being part of a podcast.
Whoooo! It' not a bad show :) its a good show :) (ddp motivational speaker gimmick)
It could be worse, it could be a full TNA podcast. But it needs more Rizz.
This show is full of Indy-wrestling talk, and stupid your mom jokes, that a 10 year old would mentally laugh at. Advice for the four that co-host this show, stop talking about Indy shows no one knows about. If, you do want to talk about Indy-Wrestling then just record a different show based only on Indy shows. I get sick and tired of skipping through the indy shows and wrestlers I have no clue about.
enough said. Next postcast please
always improving, always entertaining, outrageous fun yet respectful
I stumbled across this and it is easily the greatest show ever in the history of recorded media ever. If the Wrestling Mayhem Show had a hole, I'd sooooo do it. Over and over. With my weiner.
Mayhem Show [email protected]#K YEAH!!!!!!! one of the funniest international wrestling podcasts of all time, Sorg Lunchbox chad and Doc bring the Funny and the fire everyweek.
6013823771....... this thing just plain out sukkks