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By far, the best mixes out there. If you're lookin for music to keep you just found it.
DJ Soulstar lived in Queens, NY throughout the 80’s and 90’s and was introduced to hip hop music at a young age. He aims high to be the best at what he does and the king of DJ’s, as there are many DJ’s out there. He began to learn how to mix and making mix tapes at the young age of 13. As soon as he was old enough to enter bars, he began to shadow his uncle and other DJ’s in lower Manhattan, NY. By the end of 2005, he started opening for DJ’s, and was also starting to get gigs on his own around Baltimore and Washington. Since 2006, DJ Soulstar has been building up his reputation quickly not only as a DJ, but also as a producer and remixer. In his 90’s Hip Hop mix Volume , he features a large mix of classic east coast and west coast hip hop. Incredible collection of old school hip hop which was refreshing to sit back and listen to. Music is not made the same way it use to be. DJ Soulstar knows how to put a collection of some of the best tracks and make it flow from one song to the other with no pauses. DJ Soulstar has more to offer than just old school hip hop, he also offers new school hip hop, pop, dance, etc. The podcasts generally last about 30 to 60 minutes, with plenty of songs to listen in one episode. The audio quality is excellent, absolutely no static or distortion. Vocals are very clear and easy to understand. No dialogue during the episodes, it is strictly music. Episodes are released about twice a month. DJ Soulstar is definitely a great podcast to listen to!
I am so happy that I found out about this podcast!! DJ Soulstar is the man!! No matter what he's mixing it sounds great!! Really anxious for more good music!!!
dj soulstar knows how to rock it he is a master of his craft once you hear it you cant stop listening this is definately what you want to hear.


By Dre yo
yo this dj souldtar is da best he knos the right tune it is da best it better then all the others