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My favorite of all the podcasts I follow; the best opera podcast and a really great podcast in general.
A pleasure to listen to these guys bluntly dissect recent events in opera and beyond. A pleasure to hear “niche” pronounced correctly. Will they stay back? Pretty please!
Adding to my original review: the show is coming to an end and I'm thankful for the hours of banter and conversation. It's kept me entertained and helped me endure long hours of work while also encouraging me to go to any live opera show I could attend. It gave sense to my stint in NY, the backstory to the Gelb years, George Steele and the collapse of NYC Opera. I still have no clue what coloratura is, but I don't care, Oliver's Corner giving me a cheatsheet to shows. And the special moments like when Michael lost it, the Christmas specials, etc. go listen to it all! Thanks guys! You'll be missed. My original review: A great show with enjoyable banter and discussion regarding opera in the news and the analysis of opera recordings. The audio quality is great (except for the first few episodes when things were kicking off) and so is the content. Nothing out there compares to it regarding opera. It makes attending live operas way more fun for me as an untrained afficionado.
Sorry OperaBoxScore, OperaNow! deserves this title. (OC, you're great on both). Authentic, current, informative, hilarious. This panel-style discussion of opera's current events by well-informed industry professionals provide a candid portrayal of the state of the industry on a (usually) weekly basis. The usual trio (Michael, OC, and Doug) are the perfect balance of personalities for this kind of podcast- just the right balance of diva, educator, and backstage theater humor. In an industry where elitism and playing politics seems the norm, these guys thoughtfully turn that perspective upside down. Listeners feel like they know the hosts after only minutes of listening. It's shows like this that will help bring newer, younger fans to this art.
If you want a hypbrid experience of conversations overheard in standing room at the old Lincoln Center NYC Opera theatre and a pot party in a Lower East Side apartment predominated with aspiring, or semi burnt-out opera singers complaining about their day jobs in various non-artistic service industries while searching for that elusive breakthrough into the opera world, then, this might be the perfect podcast for you. Do not expect deep insight or stimulating conversation about operatic performances, past or present, or operatic singing in general. Although the hosts seem to be knowledgable, they are reluctant to plunge in too deeply, as they feel the need to maintain an anti-intellectual, come to the opera with your vape kit style. Some good old junior high school humor is always welcomed on this podcast, in order to offend the hi-falutin' opera phonies and get everybody's heads straight. Once in a while there is in interesting nugget within all the gossip and foolishness. Lean pickings all in all.
These are not your normal fan boys, they love the art but have unvarnished opinions about current and past singers, and cross reference opera with cross culture; having been going to the opera since the early 70’s it is fun to hear them! Great for opera lovers and those new to the art!
This is not your typical puff podcast where everyone sits around talking about how wonderful everything is. These peeps tell it straight. If something is not so good, they don’t hesitate to call people out.
I have reviewed this podcast before, but I just wanted to add that this podcast is a model for what I think the future conversations about the performing arts should be today. Funny, engaging, raunchy, and always emotionally invested, Operanow talks about issues arising in music today in a way that everyone can understand and relate to. It’s accessible and enjoyable, and turns the stereotype of the dry or boring classical musician on its head by showing how performing artists are warm, witty, and deeply real beings,
These guys ARE the "Cool Kids' Table" in the performing arts high school cafeteria.
To be clear: this is not the podcast for the easily offended or for those who go to the opera because it’s classy and high-culture. I’ve been listening for a couple of years now and what I appreciate most is that the hosts are normal people (and artists themselves) who care about classical music with none of the put-on, pretentious airs of the hosts on classical radio or PBS sharing everyone-knows-that “fun facts” about the music. (Who’s their audience, anyway? People who like classical music know those things and people who don’t aren’t going to be drawn in by sounding like you’re describing different kinds of expensive wine, but I digress…) I hope that one day Michael really does compile all of the Oliver’s Corners and has it available to download in segments by opera. Sometimes I want to refer back to a specific segment to find a specific recording but there are enough episodes that it would be a daunting task to try to go fishing for exactly the right episode every time.
I love these guys. As a young countertenor living in rural New England it is not always easy to stay connected with the opera world while at school. They have a similar sense of humor to everyone I love and they are all so knowledgable and inspire me every episode to dive into the music and really work hard art researching what I’m doing. Hope to meet these talented and inspiring hosts someday!
This podcast is a treasure! Informative, entertaining and a bawdy good time. A must for every opera lover.
I can't be a specific or as erudite as some of these insightful reviews. I keep coming back for the banter and bonhomie (generally), and the genuine observations of what is going on in opera. Laughing more 5 plus years later John
This is a great podcast; their laidback, often offensive banter is an enjoyable break from the usual high-browed, haughty tone with which the critical classical music world is rife. Michael Rice leaves the impression he couldn't care less whether or not this podcast survives, Oliver spends 60% of his time snubbing his cohosts' opinions and the other 40% trying to get someone--nay, ANYONE--to just marry him already, and no one can seriously tell the difference between Doug's and Jenny's voices. And Michael Mayes? What is a "Michael Mayes" and how is it at all relevant to opera? I just don't get it. But seriously, keep up the great work, guys. I love the podcast.
I love this show. I learn something new every time I listen. And I don’t know much about opera so i I learn a lot. I love the personalities of the hosts they all add something wonderful as well as profane to the topic.
Operanow! is Where you can find Witty and thoughtful discussions Opera news and the Opera Synopsis and the singers That bring the Operas to life. I in joy herring Oliver’s Corner Great Opera Podcast!!
The best opera podcast out there! I really enjoy being kept up to date on industry happenings and gossip. Also, Oliver's corner is always interesting and provides new perspectives on the operas he delves into.
Clearly, I'm in the minority, at least among people who take the time write a review, but I found this podcast ridiculously bad. I kept waiting for the part about opera to kick in and it never did. I couldn't get past all the self-involved, self-referential clap-trap. It's like a bunch of band kids trying their hand at AM-radio "morning zoo". I was hoping to improve my knowledge of opera and the world of opera and doubtless there is knowledge buried somewhere amongst the snark, but the effort to mine it is just too great. Unsubscribed.
This is my favorite music podcast. It is at turns educational and irreverent, always suffused with a love of opera but not at all stuffy.
This is one my favorite podcasts. I look forward to every new upload. I've been listening for years and feel like Michael, Jenny, Oliver and Doug are now old friends. If you love and care about music (of any kind) - this podcast is a must.
A panel of opera singers and former singers offer their perspective on opera news and opera music without taking themselves too seriously. So thankful for Oliver Camacho's segment: great way to learn to appreciate new operas, compare voices and interpretations. Michael Rice genially conducts the politically incorrect banter. Love it.
This podcast is hilariously irreverant. Complain, if you so choose, about the profanity and blue humor, but the conversation on this podcast don't sound all that different from conversations I have with my own friends about opera. It's full of people who love and respect opera, but aren't afraid to laugh at the art form and the many ridiculous personalities who make it their career. I especially enjoy Oliver's Corner. I'm a young singer and I appreciate not only the analyses offered, but the recordings. I'm constantly being introduced to unfamiliar voices. Keep up the good work!
*I cannot read music. I love this podcast.* *I cannot carry a tune. I love this podcast.* *I cannot play an instrument. I love this podcast.* *I cannot name any living composers. I love this podcast.* *I cannot tell you what "mezzo" means. I love this podcast.* *I have been to one opera. In high school. About a guy named "Les". I love this podcast.* *Sharp people expressing themselves with wit and passion has universal appeal. After you listen you will say it too: "I love this podcast." * P.S, I cannot wait until the throw-down with the Harvard Business Review's 'Ideacast' crew for stealing the intro music for 'Oliver's Corner'. They stepped on the wrong corner this time!!!
OperaNow! is where you go to get that weekly dose of opera talk that your non-opera-obsessed real-life friends are not going to provide. As a non-singer, it is especially fun to hear some of the inside talk that one doesn't usually encounter. Funny, smart, informative, and doesn't take itself too seriously. Oliver's Corner is the highlight every week. Makes a great soundtrack for the morning commute, though sometimes leads to awkward laughing out loud on the sidewalk.
I just found out about Opera Now! and they're talking about ending the show. Please don't guys! I really enjoy the banter and your personalities, as well as the music, of course.
If opera strikes you as intimidating, elitist, or high-fallutin, you need to listen to this podcast. If you are already an opera lover, you need to listen to this podcast even more. If you don't fall into either category and you're just looking for a laugh, you've come to the right place as well. You will laugh, you will learn, and you'll sound really smart to your friends. Listen to an episode of OperaNow...NOW!!!!


By Mirto_P
Informative *and* laugh-out-loud, he-didn't-just-say-that-did-he hilarious. My dream is that Michael and his stellar crew take over the Met/Sirius opera broadcast duties. Never gonna happen, but just imagine.
From Oliver's Corner to the news commentary these guys are great and know what they are talking about. It's a breath of fresh air. Hope you guys keep it going!
Michael Rice and Oliver Camacho are funny. Missing Doug. For the longest time i thought he was a girl and that Doug Dotson dose say anything on the show. Oliver Conner is great and informative but he need to move on to quicker. I wish he would cover Pagiacci. What ever! I like!
Wait, I've never left a review for this show? Shame on me. Haven't subscribed yet? Shame on you. OperaNow! is informative and informed, irreverent and impolite - it represents a generation of opera fans and singers who are well-versed in this storied genre, but rowdy and fun-loving. Must listen material for those entering the industry, and a great pleasure for casual fans or industry insiders. A wonderfully gifted core cast and a splendid gallery of guests - plus updates on all Local Donkeys appearing in productions of "Carmen" worldwide! There's a reason this is THE Opera Podcast.
I have been a listener for a few months now. Oliver's Corner is a great learning resource. Good banter with all the hosts. Berlin Soprano said it right below!
I love this podcast. It's a great mix of the latest news in the opera world, insider opinions and insights, and humor. It's accessible to new fans of opera, yet people in the business (like me) can still always learn something new. Great show!
Long live opera, and long live Opera Now. I was delighted to find this refreshingly irreverent yet passionate podcast, which speaks my language as a generation Xer who feels sooo out of place amongst all the white hair at my local opera house. Laughs and insightful conversation guaranteed, for new and not-so-new opera fans and young singers. Thank y'all so much, Michael, Oliver, Jenny, Doug and assorted guests! Also, cabbage.
I have been in the opera world for over 30 years, and this podcast is, without doubt, the most fun and informative one around. I started subscribing about 6 episodes into it, and I have listened to every episode at least once, and a few multiple times. Keep up the good work!
If you like opera but are still learning you can learn a great deal about all aspects of opera from business news and gossip to great recordings and technical commentary, all with a fun and chatty atmosphere. Oliver Camacho's section of the show is a great learning tool. I just started exploring this music about 8 years ago and this show has taught me an immense amount and guided me to some fanatstic listening. Keep It up guys. I can't get enough. This is definitley my favorite Podcast. It is like listening in to a fun conversation. Being a new Opera fan I always learn something and find new artists to check out. I have about 25 Podcasts I subscribe to but this is one of the only ones I always look forward to and immediatley check out when the new show is on. Great work guys.
This is a great podcast- lots of fun, with entertaining and knowledgeable hosts. Opera is many things to many people and this show is respectful, though not deferentially so, of this. If you're at all interested in the genre, give this podcast a shot. You won't be disappointed.
Awesome podcast with knowledgeable commentators. I always enjoy the conversation.
Started listening back in September ('11) and have been addicted since. I'm still catching up, but haven't been bored yet. I appreciate the rapport these podcasters (regular and guest) all have; it helps to remind me of the upsides of a small and often tight-knit music world. I also appreciate that each speaker comes from a slightly different realm of the opera world and especially that light is shown on the oft neglected realm of "Early Music". Even more appreciated, is the perhaps unintended effect of highlighting how all the various flavors of opera, new, standard, weird and/or old, are all inter-related in both lesser and greater ways. "Toi Toi Toi".... ;~)
This podcast is one of my favorites and I never skip and episode. The content is great and current. The Olover's corner segment is always very interesting and I am learning something new abotu an opera or a performner that I did not know. After I listen to one i am ready for the next.
I've been listening to this podcast for about a year, and it has been a wonderful use of my time. It is certainly a MUST for anyone involved with classical music in the least, or for anyone who wants to start learning about it. As one of the young singers, I can say that the things I learn from Michael, Oliver, Jenny, Doug, and the other guest panelists have been so useful and I appreciate the humor they bring to all situations as well! Well done, everyone.
Are you a young singer looking to gain some insight into the field of opera, or a fan looking for a glimpse behind the curtain? OperaNow! gives listeners the chance to share an irreverent viewpoint from singers in a changing industry; it is funny, occasionally over-the-top and always informative. As a former singer myself, I recommend it as a great way to stay involved with the current scene, gain some insight into repertoire and technique, commiserate about a field we love in flux and just enjoy a weekly discussion on what it means to be a singer, a fan or an opera company in the current climate. Thanks to Michael, Oliver, Doug, Jenny and guests for making it a regular must-listen. Keep up the great work!
For music student, it is refreshing to see working singers and people of a younger generations give opinions on the happenings in the opera world. Oliver, Michael and Doug are hilarious and insightful. Between this and Texapolitan Opera Roadshow. I'm in Heaven
This show is hilarious, informative, and well worth your time! I love Oliver's Corner, keep it as long as you want!
Crude, irreverent, opinionated, flamboyant, honest, thorough, and insightful. I learn much each broadcast as an opera newb, and I feel that Oscar, Michael, and Doug are my personal opera Cyrano's. Thanks for such a unique show, but bring on some females.
This is the funniest yet most educational podcast about opera that I've ever heard. I fully recommend it to anyone who's interested in opera. Not only will you keep up with opera current events, but you'll learn about all the golden oldies. And it's wickedly hysterical. The hosts are great and so is the material.
This was my first podcast and I instantly loved it. On average the shows run around an hour and a half but it feels like a second. As I branched out in my podcast listening it suddenly became very obvious what a find I had first stumbled across. The "cast" is lively and well informed and will seriously challenge your ear and you to become a more self assured opera-goer. I love this show, and I hope they go to 500 episodes and beyond!
Nothing makes opera more enjoyable than knowing what is going on in the world. All the gossip on your favorite singers, news on the different companies, obituaries for those that don't get the deserved exposure, rants and raves, all with intelligent, entertaining and enjoyable discussion. Production is also great; good quality sound and delivery. And for all young singers out there we have Oliver's Corner educating on theory and technique and recovering great recordings. Keep up the good work.