The Christmas Stocking

Reviews For The Christmas Stocking

I just started listening to this podcast and I love it soooo much it’s a great way to get hyped up for Christmas πŸŽ„. I recommend this for anyone who loves Christmas as much as me and my family and friends.
I look forward to this podcast every year! If you like Christmas you should give it a try !!
Such a great look at music and traditions of Christmas. Lee does a great job finding interesting topics that are sure to teach you something you didn't know and hear some music you wouldn't have otherwise found. Great Job - hoping for many more years of celebrating the season in the Christmas Stocking!
Meant to leave a review earlier, but time got away from me.. This podcast will put you in the Christmas spirit!
This time of year, this podcast is a great accompanyment to cooking and decorating! Learned things I never knew and will make for awesome Christmas party conversation starters.
Reallly quite enjoyable. Puts you in the Christmas spirit!
Do yourself a favor and give this podcast a shot. I started listening to the Christmas Stocking podcast by Lee Cameron about 10 years ago and it has become such a special part of my holiday tradition. I listen to it in the car on the way home from work at night and it helps me decompress. I listen and am instantly swept up in the topic of the day, the lovely musical selections and inviting commentary that take me to a place of warmth and peace that only happen during this most wonderful time of the year.
Lee Cameron has done an amazing job bringing Christmas cheer to my podcast list each year. Looking forward to the new season has become something of a holiday tradition for me!
A well produced podcast that includes interesting Christmas facts, stories, and great music!
I love this podcast! Short little Christmas things throughout the Christmas season is exactly what I need.
Love it my wife and little by put it on at bed time this Xmas it was a lot of fun learning new things about Xmas can't wait till next year
I began listening to this podcast about 2 years ago. Being a big fan of Christmas I have found this podcast to be fun, enjoyable, and informative. I love his sense of humor and my kids have been able to get a chuckle out of this podcast as well. Highly reccomended!
My favorite podcast.
Thank you for creating such a treat. It’s a great commute-fighting weapon:)
The Christmas Stocking is one of my newest (and currently greatest) holiday traditions! It's chock full of great information I'm glad to learn as well as interesting musical pieces. The topics are always timely, the podcast is only about 10-15 minutes long so it's easy to fit into a busy schedule, and it feels like I'm part of a new holiday family as I share about it with co-workers and friends alike! Want to add some sparkle to your holiday season? Subscribe to The Christmas Stocking today!
I enjoyed listening to the music and the information given out. I am glad I stumbled across this podcast this Chirstmas season. I look forward to more Christmas Stocking podcasts. Thank you Lee for sharing Christmas through podcast tidbits and song.
Not only is there music, but there is also some great stories. One of the best Christmas podcasts out there. A wonderful experience. Recommend!ξˆξ‘ˆξ€³ξ„—ξ„’ξŒ₯ξŒ’
YES! I was so excited when I got the email telling me that Lee had just released the summer spectacular podcast for 2011. It gets me in the spirit and mood as I anticipate the upcoming christmas stocking podcasts this Nov and Dec. This is, and continues to be one of my favorite podcasts on iTunes. You rock Lee!
I am a teacher and have found that listening to podcasts while grading papers really helps with this tedious task. I was especially excited when I found The Christmas Stocking podcast two years ago. I listened to all the old episodes and the new ones through the whole Christmas season. I couldn't wait for the new episodes to come out. I truly enjoy all of the songs, stories, and history that is passed along in the show. I have shared some of the shows with my own children and they enjoyed listening as well. I look forward to the summer episode, as it is a wonderful reminder that Christmas is never far away. I would really like to hear more about Christmas cuisine and the origins of it, including cookie baking. Thank you so much Lee for this wonderful podcast. I have told many people about it and they are now listeners as well. Keep up the good work.
I look forward to this podcast each year. Always something fresh and new to make the Christmas experience even better.
Lee does a great job with this fact-filled yet captivating podcast. If you love Christmas, you'll really enjoy this.
It's almost time for 2010 Christmas Stocking!!!
Awesome podcast. I have learned so much over the past few seasons. Recommended for the whole family.
best christmas podcast ever
When you need a little Christmas!
What an awesome podcast!!! Christmas 2009 was my second season listening to the Christmas Stocking Podcast, it just keeps getting better. While each podcast is a priceless nugget of all the magic that the season offers it does not minimize nor commercialize Christmas. The Christmas Stocking Podcast starts right around Thanksgiving and goes through the start of the new year delivering information that is spot on to the true spirit of Christmas and those that celebrate the entire season. This podcast is a must have on your iPod/iTunes Podcast Library.
This podcast is informative and fun to listen to especially when you have a boring job.
I absolutly love this podcast! It's so informative, and for someone like myself that lives for the Christmas season this podcast is wonderful! Thanks Lee! Your the man!
I just love listening to the Christmas Stocking Podcast. So informative and full of interesting Christmas knowledge. I look forward to it every year. Great work!! I can't wait till next year.
This is a well done podcast that is short and to the point. The information is fun and the sound quality is great. I loved last year's shows, and look forward to the rest of 2007!