Among the Heart Thieves

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your talking funny.. hahaha well... you never did talk about movies like you siad you would... i guess you'll have to do another one about movies before... anything.... lol ummm yeah... byee
I think these podcasts are mediocre, he can do a lot better, but i think he's done a fabulous job for having very little experiance in this field. Oh, hey guy down below my comment: 'Bye?' You mean 'buy.' Honestly, you must be a spectacular critic since you can't even spell the right kind of buy! Oh and man, i don't think you should be allowed to post on here until you learn how to spell.


Hola! this podcast is a waste of your valuable time. DO NOT subscribe to it


By BeN guy
Just trust me dont bye it! Waste of money even know it is free.
r u ok? its good that u know how to make a podcast though.