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Andy Zaltzman can make a lamp post interesting imagine what he will make of cricket , stats and chance to create cricket based theme park :) Andy all the way ...
Great listen especially during this summer with the world cup and the ashes. Andy zaltsman is so informative and entertaining.


By Husky58
Get rid of Daniel Norcross. Very annoying.
Love the usual bits of the podcast but please , MUCH fewer of the irrelevant stats. Seems like you’re just trying to use up time
Who are the two idiots on TMS now??!! Just stick with Aggers and Co out in Sri Lanka. You are ruining a normally great Pod
Living over here in the US I love my fix of what’s going on with the English cricket team !!! Never miss a podcast , keep up the great work .
Nothing better than TMS to round the day off. Glad it's back on iTunes.
Top class, always a pleasure to listen to Aggers and Boycott.
Aggers, Boycs, and the top players of the day. How can it get better? OK, maybe if they added Bumble as 3rd man...
The ashes are ours again! Take that England!


Watch the bouncers Strauss.