Reviews For Tá Falado: Brazilian Portuguese Pronunciation for Speakers of Spanish

I moved to Brazil this year, and this podcast has been so helpful. I speak Spanish pretty fluently, so everyone told me Portuguese would be easy to pick up... Wrong. I could read it quickly but was getting frustrated with how little I could understand or communicate when it came to spoken Portuguese. Thankfully, I found a link to this podcast on a blog. It’s been incredibly helpful in pointing out differences between Spanish, Portuguese, and English and focusing on key sounds in Portuguese. The lessons are only 10 min, so it’s easy to listen to listen when you have a few minutes of free time. From a UT alum in Brazil - obrigada!
As a fluent Spanish speaker and beginner Portuguese learner, this podcast was absolutely perfect. It's so well-made though that I think you would benefit even if you had no knowledge of Spanish. The episodes provide a super-useful, entertaining guide to grammar and pronunciation. Orlando's enthusiasm for grammar is contagious, and there are lots of humorous moments that made me chuckle! Also, I loved Valdo's voice and could listen to him speak Portuguese all day! I always listened with the PDF open as a reference; it was really helpful to be able to read along with the dialogue and also to study the additional cultural and grammar notes. I'm grateful to the UT team for providing such a high-quality free resource.
I have looked for a good resource to learn Portuguese and this is great! I really enjoy the thought that goes into the dialogue and the speakers are great! Thank you for your hard work in making this possible for people like myself! muito obrigado
Tá Falado has what all the other language podcasts lack: people who speak normally and casually. The Portuguese is highly informal when you get a sense of Brazil's linguistic flavor and culture. You'll also brush up on two languages at once, and get a healthy critique of North American society from a Brazilian perspective. Great podcast.
I never write reviews for things, but this podcast is so great I had to. They keep lessons simple, quick, and fun. The people in it too are great, I fell in love with all of them. Wish it was still going :(
Native English speaker here, studied Spanish for years and now learning Brazilian Portuguese. This podcast is wonderful!!
I liked it. It really helped me understand the differences and similarities between the two languages. It helped me out a lot with my Portuguese oral exams. The only critique I have is that the Canadian guy is a narcasist. He dominated the conversation and pushed his opinion, which made for some useless dialogue. The language most people are trying to learn here is Portuguese, specifically for Spanish speakers. That's the only reason I took off a star. I loved the other instructors on the podcast, especially since the Spanish speaker is Venezuelan, like me!
Well, I'm a Spanish speaker and always wanted to learn Portuguese and this podcast is fantastic if you already know Spanish because they talk about the similarities and differences between both languages. Anyway I actually gave three stars for the great lessons and one more for making it free. I took off a star 'cause the American guy keeps making offensive comments about the Spanish language i.e. "lazy Spanish" as if Portuguese is better. Personally, all languages are beautiful and different and have their own uniqueness and just because one language pronounces it different than the other doesn't make that language "lazy". He says other comments like that to dog down spanish and that's just wrong.
I'm Spanish and I always wanted to learn portuguese. This is a great way to start. Thanks for making this free I love it.
I'm a native Spanish speaker and this podcast is perfect to learn Brazilian Portuguese. Was just what I was looking for. Great job and thx for making this free. Brazil in one month!
This podcast if wonderful. I teach both English and Spanish to students and I'm learning Brazilian Portuguese (my husband is from Sao Paulo). This podcast covers all three languages so that you can make the connections between all of them. Making those connections is so important and essential for the learner to understand. It's great that you offer written text for the student on your website. I'm a visual learner and need to see the print. You might want to consider doing a video so students can see how the words are pronounced. Thank you so much for creating such a great podcast.
Este podcast es excelente para las personas que queremos aprender Portugues y el Inglés. Me encanta el ambiente cordial y alegre que percibo en ellos cuando hablan y sus dinámicas me motivan a esperar con ansia el siguiente podcast.
This podcast is wonderful. It has helped my Portuguese AND Spanish!! It is very well organized and useful. It really displays the differences between the two languages front and center, clarifying the annoying misconception they are "basically the same language" (what?!?!!). Anyway, it is VERY helpful and wish there were more like it out there!
I'm self-taught in Spanish and Portuguese, and always seeking to find ways of maintaining both in my poor gringo brain. This is a unique course, very well constructed, and quite effective. My only complaint is that it has too much English. Both the Portuguese and the Spanish examples are advanced enough that anyone speaking either to the level demonstrated in the lessons really doesn't need the English. I'd rather eliminate the English, which would allow more emphasis on the two Latin American languages.
This podcast is amazing! I found out about it one week ago and I have already listened through lesson 17. It really helps me with my portuguese as well as with my spanish!! This podcast is both helpful and fun. A great tool for anyone trying to learn portuguese whether you are a spanish speaker or a native english speaker! Vale a pena!!
Tá Falado is a really well done and unique language-learning podcast. The objective is to teach Brazilian Portuguese, but the teaching model also incorporates Spanish. What a great idea! This multiplies the utility of the material by bringing Spanish-speakers into the audience. My fiance and I want to learn Portuguese, but she only speaks Spanish. This works great for us. We listen to it together. It helps her learn English too! Kudos to the linguistics team at UT. Hookem' Horns!